Black Sabbath – ‘Feels Good To Me’ (video, 1990)

The opening solo is cut off a bit in the beginning of this video I clipped from YouTube. The video is very un-Sabbath, especially when you have listened to the rest of TYR and seen the concept of the artwork, etc. Obviously a more commercial tune = a commercial friendly video.

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3 comments on “Black Sabbath – ‘Feels Good To Me’ (video, 1990)

  1. Never saw this video clip. cool.
    Anyway, today its tuesday. did you bought some new cd´s??? I always like it when you talk about your adventures at the record shop.
    TAke care.

  2. Nice work with the Sabbath reviews. I was too young to know Sabbath in their peak, but as I mature I’ve come to appreciate their work more and more, and you have very much influenced my exploration of their catalog. Thank you.

  3. Rene – My adventure today will be tonight’s post.

    DPTH – I was too young as well, although I did start off around 1980 with Metal (other than KISS) and I remember vividly listening to an album called Heaven & Hell.

    I’m 34 so I missed the Ozzy-era and most of the Dio-era as I was too young. I really kicked off with Born Again and Seventh Star but I knew all the songs from Ozzy’s Speak Of The Devil.

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