New Release Tuesday – 11/21/06 – Thanksgiving Edition

Here we go again, another Tuesday, another trip to the record store. Not a big day for new releases in my world but the new KISS – ALIVE! 1975-2000 box set was tops on the list. Other notable releases: Winger – IV, Kamelot – ONE COLD WINTER’S NIGHT (2 CD live set), the new Freddie Mercury best of, and the new Manowar live DVD.

First one in the door at the shop this morning, straight ahead to the new releases. Scored the Kamelot set for $11 but no Winger. At $9.99, I’ll give the new Winger a shot. Sold! To the employee behind the counter! Seeing that I beat him to all the new releases, he figured he’d beat me to the punch. If I was in his shoes, I’d hide all the new releases behind the counter for myself too. His redemption? He ordered a copy to come in Wednesday morning…..already on hold for the guy who drags his 3 yr. old daughter to a record store at 10am faithfully every Tuesday. I guess I’ll have to wait till the morning.

I picked up the Manowar DVD but put it back. I have all four HELL ON EARTH DVDs and I haven’t even watched the last three, so I put it back. Same with the Freddie Mercury best of, I already have the solo albums, so is a hits package necessary? I’ll research it a little more tonight and pick it up in the AM if it’s worth having. I hate to say that I didn’t do my research before I left the house but I was a bit lazy.

Went to Best Buy for the KISS ALIVE! box. It was on sale for $20 with 2 bonus tracks. The Japanese version has three bonuses but it’s not released for another three weeks and there’s no way I’m waiting on a new release from my favorite band. At least I can have the Japanese issue for Xmas. 

(As I type this, I realize that KISS also released the MILLENIUM COLLECTION III today and I forgot.)

Find of the day: Hammerfall – ONE CRIMSON NIGHT DVD…..half off at $10.88. Seems that this one got lost in a price change accident a year ago (Newbury Comics dates their price tags) as the other two copies were regular price. Always nice to see the clerk take 50% off.

Tomorrow is part two…..Winger and KISS releases on radar…..and I’ll probably cave on the Manowar DVD too.

6 comments on “New Release Tuesday – 11/21/06 – Thanksgiving Edition

  1. Like you know, i love your heavy metal hunting stories at the record shop. I would love to have a record shop like that near me. Sometimes i am surprised how cheap the new releases are in the USA. In Spain we have to pay around 14/15 euros for a new release(i think around 18$). In that way you are lucky.
    anyway, this was a nice read again, take care and thanks.

  2. I forgot to tell you some of my fave new releases:
    RIOT:ARMY OF ONE. More melodic and less neo-classic but realy good.
    PRETTY MAIDS:WAKE UP TO THE REAL WORLD after 4 years, finaly a new album. Good like always with a great DEEP PURPLE cover song(PERFECT STRANGERS).
    MEAT LOAF:BAT OUT OF HELL III this is realy a surprise album, very good cd that after each listening gets better. KILLER.
    AXEL RUDI PELL:MYSTICA like always, great!!!!!!

  3. I have not bought anything new at the store in a while. I did get used copies of Tesla’s Mechanical Resonance and Celtic Frost’s Into the pandemonium the other day. That was probably the first time I have been to the record store in about two months.

  4. When I got the Pelican album, someone had called the store asking if they had the new Winger album, and the young girl hollered out to her co-worker about it and everyone in the store roared in laughter. Poor Kip.

    I just got the Kamelot promo yesterday and is the Manowar you’re talking about the Sons of Odin EP with the DVD in it? It’s cool. You get to see all of the old members show up at the Manowar convention. I just interviewed Eric the other night. Very cool guy.

    I have the Hammerfall promo in my travel bag and keep forgetting it’s there! Geesh.

    Happy TG, bro. I need to get that new Kiss DVD for sure.

  5. Mike – Go out and find Winger’s thirad album, Pull (1993), it’s excellent. Kip has had a solo career since Winger disbanded, I believe he has 2 solo albums out since 1996.

    Ray – The Manowar DVD is the new concert DVD from the Earthshaker Festival.

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