Ebay Madness – Babylon A.D. commands almost $200?

Babylon A.D. self-titled debut CD completed auction.

Babylon A.D. – s/t CD sells for $192.91

I don’t get it. I just don’t get it. How does a person pay almost $200 for a CD that went for $30 here for a Japanese pressing and $15 here for the regular. These two auctions were found WITHOUT the periods after A and D.

If we use the periods and search Babylon A.D., we find five more that ended within the last ten days:

For $16
For $13.50
For $20.50 (Japanese pressing)
For $16 again
And for $14.51

So what does that teach us? Do the research! Honestly, I can get 5 copies of this right now for under $5 each, I should at least try and double the money!

7 comments on “Ebay Madness – Babylon A.D. commands almost $200?

  1. I saw a copy of King Kobra’s Ready to strike going for up around $120 on ebay the other day. Which is weird because you should be able to get it for under $20 at any time. I couldn’t see anything in the desciption that made it special yet this copy had several bids on it.

  2. When I used to haunt the used bins here in NJ, I came across Luis Cardenas’ Animal Instinct. I never thought much of it, bought it for .59 and listened once. I thought it was crap so I put it on eBay thinking if I got a few bucks I’d e happy. Went for $104! My best sale ever…

  3. Patrice – Glad you could visit. The “S/T” stands for “self-titled”, just a quick abbreviation.

    Even selling the CD for $10 each would make a tidy profit if I bought the ones I can get for $5 each.

  4. Hey Steve! Thanks for the answer…

    I visit your blog quite a lot actually, at least once a week I’d say… I really like your articles on pretty much everything…

    Btw, the kids are going to the studio this week-end and Angelo Coppola already recorded (past week-end) his 3 tracks that’ll be on CS 2….

  5. holy hell…I know the Keel albums were going for huge bucks, but he mentioned to me he’s been trying to get the rights back to them, which is the problem…sounds like Babylon AD is in the same gamut

  6. Patrice – I checked my email account at AOL and found your update. I will email you my new contact info so Ican keep up to date on CS2.

    Ray – Keel albums go for big dollars but the price seems to have come down over the last couple years. There was a time when you couldn’t get THE RIGHT TO ROCK and THE FINAL FRONTIER for less than $100 minimum. With the Metal Mayhem re-release of TRTR and the boolegs from Russia on TFF, prices have dropped a bit. Funny thing is KEEL (the self-titled 4th album) used to be very common, maybe a couple bucks. Now it goes for $30+. Beware of LAY DOWN THW LAW on CD, its a bootleg, never released on CD officially. I read an interview with Ron Keel and he said that he and Mike Varney from Shrapnel Records were getting an official CD release together for the 1st album.

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