Thanks and Reflection

After a long day of family, food, and friends, I am sitting here at the computer…..finally relaxing. The headphones are on, the curtains are open so I can see the rain, and I have an enormous amount of energy. Sleep will wait.

My family went to my wife’s aunt’s house for dinner. The immeadiate family on my wife’s side was all there and, as we were having drinks, someone commented that “it seems wrong that we only get together at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter”. I’ve been thinking of that all day. Why is it that we need special occasions to get together, enjoy the company of others, and celebrate this short thing we call LIFE?

Today was a good day: a day off from work, good people, good food, a rare nap, and being able to sit down with my wife and watch some TV. I even skipped the football games today because I just wanted to enjoy the atmosphere. People don’t always get a chance to stop and enjoy…..time. That is what I am thankful for today, a chance to stop and smell the roses, to breathe and take it all in.

I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions or reflections, I think that should be done year round. Looking back today, I have so many special things to be thankful for:

1. My wife and kids – I can’t imagine life without them. I have known my wife since I was ten. I remember the first day I saw her and I look forward to seeing her everyday. My children are 8 and 3 and are carbon copies of the two of us. I have never known a happiness that I feel when I am with my wife and kids.

2. Health – Luckily, I am healthy and all the people I know are as well.

3. Family and friends – Life has taken many twists and turns. I am lucky to have people in my life that accept me for who I am and who support me through the good and the difficult.

4. Our new home – It’s taken a long time to get the balls to buy a house, it can be very intimidating. We started looking and, two months later, we have our home.

5. Work – Just over two years ago, I was laid off. I went through eleven weeks of unemployment and pounding the pavement. I ended up acquiring a promotion and raise at the same company because of my experience and work ethic. Some of the people that were laid off never made it back, those who did made it back after eighteen months. even tough I may complain about my job, I’m grateful to have it. I’m able to help provide for my family. I am able to to look toward the future.

6. Music – Some people may read this and never understand but Music is so important in defining who I am. It’s a passion that I have had since I was five years old. Twenty-nine years later I still have the same vigorous appetite for Music that I did as a young boy just discovering it.

So I ask the readers out there…..

What are you thankful for?
Who or what are the most important aspects of your life?
Were you able to stop and just enjoy?

3 comments on “Thanks and Reflection

  1. We dont have thanksgiving in Europe but i am thankful to have a job too because like that i can buy many cd´s, something that realy make me happy. I am also happy to finaly paid my home of this year together with my girlfriend.
    The most important aspects of my life are my girlfriend and our metal movement.
    No, i havend be able to stop and just enjoy yet but ones i will for shore.
    I am happy for you that you are a happy man (even if i dont know you very well). If you are happy, your family is happy and that will make your friends happy and me.
    Take care brother and stay metal forever.

  2. Rene – I believe that “Thanksgiving” should be everyday. In the U.S., I think it’s more of a marketing tool for the Christmas holiday than it is about the tradition and giving thanks.

    It’s true, I am a happy man, life is good. From what you wrote, you are happy and thankful as well. I wish you the best.

    Although we are on 2 separate continents, Metal is our bond. Keep flying the Metal flag!

  3. You are so right about that we are on 2 separate continents but METAL IS OUR BOND. Very good. I totaly agree and i have increible much respect for you because in many ways you are like me. In you i see my pasion in heavy metal/hard rock etc…and thats realy great. Anyway, we will be in contact.

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