Twisted Sister – ‘Oh Come All Ye Faithful’ (video, 2006)

Nothing like getting in the Christmas spirit.

Here is the review I wrote in October. The album is growing on me a little, probably because we are in the holiday season. I’m a sucker for Christmas music.

10 comments on “Twisted Sister – ‘Oh Come All Ye Faithful’ (video, 2006)

  1. Nice video clip. Very funny like most of the TS clips of the past. I still have to buy this christmas cd but i will with my next order. Love Christmas because the free days. More time to listen to metal.

  2. My review in October was harsh. I stand by it but the album is growing on my as the season continues. I have Christmas Eve, Christmas, and the day after all off this year. I am going to enjoy this holiday.

  3. Wow, that was insane! I don’t what’s nuttier, her rendition of Neidermeyer, them using “We’re Not Gonna Take It” gratuitously or how freakin’ scary they look in that makeup now…there’s a guilty pleasure in this for sure, but ouch! :)

  4. The sad thing is the guys in the band are probably all old enough to be that woman’s father. I also would have liked to have seen them move around more. Looks like they filmed it in Dee Snider’s living room or something.

  5. I thought this album was great. Not a frequent spinner, but a blast for the holidays. It was actually your review that peaked my interest in this and due to a vacation I was not able to catch their christmas tour … maybe next year!

  6. I’ve actually updated my original review. It’s a grower of an album and definitely a “holidays only” album. Hard to believe that this album is getting more attention for the band than their last few tours.

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