Update on KISS – Best Buy bonus tracks for Alive Box Set

From KISSonline.com:


Universal Music has manufactured replacement discs for Best Buy customers that purchased the set without the bonus tracks – “2000 Man” and “God Of Thunder”. The discs will begin shipping direct to Best Buy stores on 12/6. Depending on transit times, most Best Buy stores should have the discs by December 9.

To receive the free replacement disc, bring your receipt into a Best Buy store on or after December 9. If your purchase was made on Bestbuy.com, there will be instructions there as well, next week.

Best Buy will have plenty of replacement discs after the holidays too, for fans that receive the CD for Christmas.

Thank you for your patience while this solution was being worked out and implemented.


So it’s really not Gene and Paul’s fault. Nice to see Universal pony up with a solution. My question is: What if you are like most people and threw out your receipt?

I bought my ALIVE box set the day it came out – 11/21/06. I opened it, threw the receipt in the trash and forgot about it. I guess I’m screwed for the replacement disc.

Lucky for me, I threw it in the wastepaper basket by my desk. I just threw out the small bag yesterday so I did what any true fan would do: I went to the garage and raided the trash barrels for my bag o’trash! I found the Best Buy slip at the bottom of the bag, under the Diet Coke cans, junk mail, and CD wrappers.

The bonus tracks will be mine!

3 comments on “Update on KISS – Best Buy bonus tracks for Alive Box Set

  1. Rene – Nothing like picking thru the garbage for a slip of paper. I told my wife the story and she reminded me of the time I went thru the garbage one time just to get my hands back on a promo sticker I mistakenly threw out. I believe it was a Motorhead sticker I received with a promo of WE ARE MOTORHEAD a few years back.

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