Post-Christmas update

I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday this past week. After putting in serious hours at work, I was lucky enough to have the Eve, Day, and day after off to enjoy all the festivities. My family decided to stay home (in our new home) and let the relatives come to us. The Eve was spent with my wife’s side of the family, couldn’t get out of it. We had the Day at the new house: my family for brunch, 2 hour break, her family for dinner. The day after was spent cleaning up, building toys, and sitting with stragglers that didn’t make it the day before. All in all, a good holiday.

A bit of bad news though. I have been battling ear infections over the last month. I just finished my second Rx of antibiotics and, three days later on the 27th, I could feel the blockage again. A trip to my physician confirmed that I still have the infections. On a 10-scale, my Dr. gave an 8. Not good. Aside from work, I have been taking it easy: no loud music and a ton of rest. Until I see a specialist to get this taken care of, I’m a little paranoid about listening to Music. I can’t hear much out of my right ear because of the infections but I can be fixed so there is hope that the Metal will flow soon! I’ve done quite a bit of reading lately (I’ll post that soon) and I have listened to a couple of albums here and there (but at low volume). I have acquired some hard to find CDs recently that I have been on the hunt a long time for.

I will start to post regularly again this weekend. My 1 year anniversary for this blog is January 3rd so I will definitely be reflecting on that.

Happy New Year!

— Steve

4 comments on “Post-Christmas update

  1. Yes, take care of your ear infection brother. I had that problem twice for a couple of weeks each time. Bought times it happend in the summer because i didnt dry my ears right after swimming in the pool. First i try everything putting in my ears a lot of shit from the pharmcy but i didnt help. Then i went to a normal doctor and he just put a metal machine into my ear with water and he just pressed all that water in it and my ear opend up totaly with a lot of shit coming out. That was realy a great solution. Anyway, maybe they could do that to you too. It realy works well to me twice.
    Take care brother because ears are very important for metal people like you and me.

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