Website Spotlight: The BNR Metal Pages

The BNR Metal Pages

Online since 1995, this website is one of the best Internet resources for researching Heavy Metal. All genres are represented and all bands have full discographies. Add a band summary, link to the website (if available), album art, tracklists, and lineups and you’ve got a comprehensive look at over 1400+ bands.

What I like most is the criteria that each band must fit to be included in this Metal encyclopedia. From the BNR Metal FAQ:

Assuming the band in question is sufficiently metal enough, there are two requirements of new bands:

  1. They must have released at least one album or EP (demos don’t count)
  2. I must have listened to at least one full album or EP (not just a single song or two)

The reason for the first requirement is not because I don’t care about up-and-coming bands or long-lost garage bands, it’s simply a matter of time and resources. As it is, I cannot keep up with all the established bands out there, much less write pages for bands that are still on the way up. I wish I could support these bands more, but I simply can’t.

Number 2 sounds like a cheap ploy to get free stuff, but that’s not the point, and certainly not why I’ve done this site in the first place. I just feel more comfortable and qualified writing about a band that I’ve heard first-hand rather than just relying on reports. It’s as simple as that.

Obviously run by a fan. A Metal salute to anyone that has listened to that many bands!

6 comments on “Website Spotlight: The BNR Metal Pages

  1. While this page is certainly better then Metal-Archives, which is driven by some insane “If we decide it’s not Metal enough, it’s not on this page” policies, the latter is more complete.
    I really miss a good Wiki page, meaning a non-middle ages layout and the ability for everyone to contribute with ease. While this might have to be put into some borders, because the genre wars alone would be devastating otherwise, it would be the best system by far!
    I once found such a Wiki, but
    a) I’ve lost the address
    b) It was just started and didn’t look like it was developing fast.
    If such a project does not exist, one should found it!
    I know, I know “one should do…” is a very bad expression, but maybe a couple of Metal bloggers could unite and set something up?

  2. I love the bnr metal pages. It is open-minded and doesn’t seem as arrogant as the Metal-Encyclopedia. BNR has opened my eyes to such a wide and varied world of metal.

  3. All told, I must have spent days on this site. I really cannot recommend it enough as a first port of call when investigating mew bands – or particularly new genres. First of all, it’s just a good list of a band’s discography – or at least all the main published releases (ie the ones you’re going to be able to get your hands on). He’ll also tell you which singers/guitarists etc have sung in which other bands; but most importantly, he gives a no-nonsense, objective and concise review of a band an its entire repertoire in just a few paragraphs. Phew – I mean PHEW. So no rummaging around for hours reading broken English reviews trying to piece together what’s going on.

    All in all a must to be browsed from time to time for inspiration when you feel like digging into something totally new.

    Some small warnings – he’s obviously well into the whole scene – so much so he’s coming out the other side – and his self-confessed tastes are rather `prog’ – or maybe `odd’ is a better description. It tends not to leak into his short sharp band reviews, but his own `best of’ lists are often pretty far out, especially when compared to the readers voted list.

    It’s also not full of depth, so I always find myself forgetting about it for a while and only coming back when I get a bit bored with whatever scene I’ve crawleed into for the past six months and looking for a breath of air.

    On the whole, if you’ve never seen it, give it half an hour and I guarantree the most people will be as obsessed with it as I got for a while.

  4. Neil4metal – The aspects I like the most is that you get cover art (in most cases), band members, and tracklistings. Of course, it’s the basics so I use this as a reference point and search for more detailed info. The fact that he as at least listened to at least one album by every band listed is a feat in itself.

  5. The BNR Metal Pages rule. I have had a few questions for that guy about obscure metal bands and he has always e-mailed me back personally.

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