Mike DiMeo leaves Riot for Masterplan

Rumors were confirmed today when Mike DiMeo (The Lizards/ex-Riot) announced that he would be relinquishing his long-standing position on vocals for Hard Rock legends Riot. DiMeo is parting ways with Riot to take over vocal duties with European metallers Masterplan.

Masterplan with Mike DiMeo

The official press release from Mike DiMeo is as follows:
“In response to all the mail I have been receiving about my status with Riot I have had many great years with the band, and I am tremendously proud of all the work I have done with them, especially Army of One, but at this point in my life and career, I prefer to forge ahead with a new path musically. I look forward to a new creative beginning with Masterplan, who are an incredibly talented and motivated group of guys!! I wish Riot the best of luck in the future and will always consider them brothers……thank you.”

DiMeo is replacing Jorn Lande at the mic for the band. Lande and Masterplan parted company due to “musical differences” in early 2006. Masterplan will issue a new E.P., LOST AND GONE (AFM Records), on January 26th. The E.P. will be the band’s first release with the new line-up of Mike DiMeo (vocals), Roland Grapow (guitars), Mike Terrana (drums), Jan S. Eckert (bass) and Axel Mackenrott (keyboards). A new studio album is scheduled for February.


Wow! Didn’t see that one coming. I thought all was well in the Riot camp because their latest album., ARMY OF ONE, is really good. DiMeo has been focusing on his newer band, The Lizards, as of late while the Riot situation was up in the air. Riot doesn’t tour as much and I would assume it’s definitely not the full-time gig Masterplan will be. As soon as I heard the news, I went to the Riot website and there was no update (yet). Good for Masterplan but who the hell is going to sing for Riot!

8 comments on “Mike DiMeo leaves Riot for Masterplan

  1. I was wondering the same thing. I have been getting into Riot quite a bit as of late. Amazingly, when listening to Riot’s Army of One, and Jorn’s the Duke, I was surprized to find how similar the sound and style was between Jorn Lande and Mike DiMeo. DiMeo is going to be good in Masterplan. Apparently Masterplan wants to go back to their Metal Roots, which is why Jorn left them.

    As far as Riot is concerned, that could be a high profile gig for an up and coming or current singer. The band has moved more towards a power/progressive metal sound. I hope they can find someone who can bridge the gap between the classic Riot tunes, and the new stuff.

    Mark Reale wont let that band die, that is for sure!

  2. I never realy carred about MASTERPLANE but now with DiMEO in the band i will because i always liked him with RIOT.
    We need TONY MOORE back in RIOT.

  3. HardRockHideout – DiMeo and Lande do have similar styles but I think Masterplan will be hard pressed to improve on what they did with Jorn Lande.

    As far as Riot…..they are one of my favorite bands but they need stability. They have Mike Tirelli on the mic now but they need to do something. I also think Harnell and Reale should continue Westworld, excellent band!

    T-Bone – Masterplan released 2 great albums with Jorn, I agree that DiMeo fits the bill well.

    Rene – Tony Moore! I forgot about him! What is he doing now? Think of this: Moore and DiMeo are the only vocalists still alive as Speranza and Forrester sadly passed. Now I need to know where Moore is.

  4. In case you haven’t heard yet, Moore has a new band with Mike Flyntz called Faith And Fire.
    They just released a seriously rockin’ CD, ‘Accelerator’.
    You can get it at cdbaby.com/faithandfire
    I read interviews with Tony on some European metal sites and he says he’d sing for Riot again in a heartbeat! Pray for this to be true!

  5. Holy S#!T – I just heard Riot is reforming the whole 1988 ‘Thundersteel’ lineup for a new album & tour – Tony Moore, Bobby Jarzombek, Don Van Stavern, Reale & Flyntz!!!!!!!

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