One Year Blog-versary

I did it, I lasted a year! When I started thinking about writing a blog I promised myself that I would try to make it a full year. I’m very happy to say I made it.

I started on Blogger as Vicious and Delishis, the name of my fantasy football team for the last thirteen seasons. My intention was to write about what I knew most about: Hard Rock & Heavy Metal, Fantasy Football, the NFL, and video games. For those of you wondering, I’m 34 but a kid at heart.

As the first two months went by, I was still trying to find my way. I decided to go strictly as a Music blog and cut the rest: I don’t game as much except for Madden Football and Fantasy Football only takes up half the year during the NFL regular season. There were tons of websites/blogs covering these topics in depth and I felt I had nothing to add.

Music, specifically Heavy Metal, is another story. Since I was five years old (1977), I have been a fan of Hard Rock. I started with KISS and worked my way through to the present. The music, the imagery, and the passion have been a huge influence on my life for twenty-nine years and counting. I know Hard Rock, I know Heavy Metal. I can discuss these genres of Rock’n Roll intelligently and express my opinions.

After battling the demons at Blogger, I decided to move here to WordPress in mid-June. The transfer process sucked but the benefits of a user-friendly system have been great. Traffic and discussion have jumped up since the move: 55,000 people have stopped by to read and there have been some lively discussions. The best day for visitors had to be August 27th, the day I posted about the Poison fight, over 16,000 people visited the site that day!

Overall, it’s been a good experience. I enjoy reviewing albums I buy and telling the tales of lost treasure in the used record shops. I’ve met some great fans from around the world and have enjoyed some good reading at their blogs.

So what’s on tap for the second year? I have no idea. I’m looking toward more album reviews from my collection and more “tales from the record stores”. I’ve received some positive feedback on Ebay Madness and the Video posts so those will continue. I’m not really looking to add more features more a tightening up of the ones I have.

I’m looking into moving off and having a new host so I can make the site more visually pleasing. I’m also looking into online radio (Live365, etc.) so I can feature some of the tracks from albums I pick up and/or review. Whatever I decide to do in this small corner of the world, I hope you all enjoy it.


8 comments on “One Year Blog-versary

  1. Congratulations from me for hitting the 1 year anniversary. I only found the site fairly recently but check back every day or so to see what you’ve posted.

    I passed the 1 year mark on my own blog on my myspace page back in December – nothing like as successful as yours tho!! I just use it to note what records I buy as I rebuild my vinyl album collection – after selling my original collection 3 years ago..

    Look forward to reading the next years comments…

  2. Very nice that you are doing this blog 1 year. Congratulations for doing this because i had and will have a great time reading your posts. I special like your adventures into the record shop and an other special moment was the BLACK SABBATH reviews, that was realy cool. keep it coming brother and take care.

  3. Congrats! I still have a few months for a one anniversary. You do some great work here and I find your blog very informative. Good luck and keep up the good work!

  4. Thanks to all of you for continuing to visit the site. I’m hoping to do a lot more when I can actually sit in my chair, this back injury is killing me!

    Metal Mark – You have an excellent site, I get the most referrals from the Time Machine.

    HardRockHideout – You have a great site as well. How many new albums do you pick up a week? You’re really putting up the reviews>

    Bill – I read your blog, I like to see what other people find in the shops. Keep it up my friend!

    Rene – What can I say? You are definitely a Metal Brother!

    DPTH – I visit Psychotic Philosophy everyday, I like the fact that your reviews are on bands, and albums, I’ve never listened to. Gives me something new to check out.

    Thanks again to all of you and all the readers who are out there.

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