Reissue Report: Silent Force first two albums

Silent Force will be releasing their new album, WALK THE EARTH, February 16, 2007 on AFM Records. To coincide with the new album, AFM Records is reissuing the band’s first two albums: THE EMPIRE OF FUTURE (2000) and INFATUATOR (2001).

THE EMPIRE OF FUTURE reissue includes one bonus track: an acoustic version of the song ‘Saints And Sinners’ from the album. The INFATUATOR reissue will include a bonus video of the title track live.


I have all three Silent Force albums, the missing one up top being WORLDS APART (2004) on Sanctuary, and they are all good Power Metal albums. The first two albums were on Massacre Records and it looks like the band retained the rights and is releasing them on their new label. As is the trend, we get bonus material, but one track each isn’t enough to get me to buy again.

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