Saxon official press release for The Inner Sanctum

From Bravewords:

SPV has issued the following press release:

“The Big One Is Back!

SAXON, the iconic hard rock act which dominated the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal scene in the early 1980’s along with IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST, MOTÖRHEAD, DIAMOND HEAD and DEF LEPPARD are returning for this one-off gig at Sheffield City Hall on January 26th with legendary promoter Harvey Goldsmith of THE WHO, Live 8 and Live Aid.

Saxon, whose title track of their album Denim And Leather was seen as an anthem of the early 1980s metal movement, are British through and through and are returning with the band’s full European production – including their legendary Eagle. Refreshed, re-charged and ready to rock, the mighty Saxon have a whole new sound and hunger after working with renowned producers Mark Wallis and David Ruffy of RAZORLIGHT, U2 and THE STRANGLERS.

Their brand new single, ‘If I Was You’ – about gun culture, is released on Steamhammer/SPV on January 20th and this will be closely followed by a celebrated 18th studio album, The Inner Sanctum (artwork pictured), released early in March in Germany and Europe and early April in the USA on Steamhammer/SPV.

Their new album offers powerful sounds and ambitioned lyrics about Eastern Revolutions, British Kings and Queens and the attitude of Great Warriors.

At the same time, lead vocalist Biff Byford displays an energy that’s almost physically perceptible. Byford rightly explains: “The Inner Sanctum is the most powerful album we’ve ever recorded. The following tour is the biggest tour the band has ever done in Europe!”

He also notes about their new single, “I wrote the lyrics for our new single based on gun and knife crime having seen so many tragic stories of somebody getting knifed to death for a mobile phone and three quid or some young mother caught in the crossfire between two idiots with guns. “If I was you and you were me, would you live your life differently?”

If that’s not enough, they are also going to mark the release of the new single on worldwide download, and their return to the British metal scene with an electrifying new Guinness World Record for ‘Air Guitar’ at Sheffield Wednesday Football Club on Saturday, January 20th.

Have you got what it takes to make history and join around 30,000 strong fans at Hillsborough Stadium to rock out with the mighty Saxon?

The Guinness World Record and gig will also be part of a one hour special Channel 4 TV programme called Harvey Goldsmith Presents, which is set to air in April as part of a new six part series.

Tickets for “Saxon Returns”, January 26th at Sheffield City Hall in Sheffield, England are £15.00 and are available from telephone number 0114 2789789 or via .


Exciting news! Saxon is in my Top 5 of favorite bands so anytime they release a new album, it’s big news here. Both SPV and SPVUSA did not have any updated information regarding this release, as I get more info, I will pass it along.

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