Quiet Riot Week

This week is Quiet Riot Week.

Here is the schedule:

  1. Metal Health (1983) album review
  2. Condition Critical (1984) album review‘Mama Weer All Crazee Now’ video, & ‘Party All Night’ video
  3. Quiet Riot III (1986) album review, ‘The Wild And The Young’ video, & ‘Twilight Hotel’ video
  4. Quiet Riot – s/t (1989) album review & ‘Stay With Me Tonight’ video
  5. Terrified (1993) album review
  6. Quiet Riot Week continues
  7. Down To The Bone (1995) album review
  8. Alive & Well (1999) album review
  9. Guilty Pleasures (2001) album review
  10. Rehab (2006) album review

Update on 1/28/07 — Quiet Riot Week turned into two weeks because I had the flu.

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