Quiet Riot – Terrified (1993)

Quiet Riot - TerrifiedCold Day In Hell (2002 reissue of Terrified)

Quiet Riot – Terrified (1993, Moonstone)

(Reissued as Cold Day In Hell in 2002 with new artwork)

  1. Cold Day In Hell
  2. Loaded Gun
  3. Itchycoo Park
  4. Terrified
  5. Rude Boy
  6. Dirty Lover
  7. Psycho City
  8. Rude, Crude Mood
  9. Little Angel
  10. Resurrection

Band Lineup:
Kevin DuBrow – Vocals
Carlos Cavazo – Guitars
Frankie Banali – Drums
Kenny Hillery – Bass

Total Time – 52:26

Kevin DuBrow official website
Frankie Banali official website

After a five year hiatus, Quiet Riot is back. Biggest change is that Kevin DuBrow is back at the mic but there is also a new bass player, Kenny Hillery. Without a major label behind them, the band releases TERRIFIED on Moonstone Records, which is now defunct. It’s 1993, Alternative and Grunge are the music styles of the day, so a band like Quiet Riot has limited options. The band does what they do best: make Hard Rock records.

‘Cold Day In Hell’ is a mid-tempo stomper complete with the trademark Frankie Banali drum intro. The guitar sounds meatier, like on QUIET RIOT previously, and Kevin sounds in fine voice. ‘Loaded Gun’ is another slow/mid-tempo song with a bluesy, Classic Rock feel. I find myself listening to Hillery’s bass lines the most on this song, they stand out with an almost funky feel at times. Next up is a Small Faces cover, ‘Itchycoo Park’ which is pretty dead on to the original. I normally frown upon covers but this one is pretty good and it’s not one you hear often. It fits the QR vibe and shows some versatility as Carlos almost never has the acoustics on record and Kevin shows his voice hasn’t aged much.

‘Terrified’ is another mid-pace Hard Rock bruiser with some excellent guitar work by Mr. Cavazo, great solo. The tempo gets you nodding your head and the chorus sucks you in to sing along. A slow bluesy lick opens ‘Rude Boy’ and then it kicks right in straight to the head like a good Rock song should. The guitar intro to ‘Dirty Lover’ is all Cinderella. Big drum sound here, Banali up front in the mix and Cavazo putting in another good, but reined in, performance. ‘Psycho City’ sounds like low-grade Guns’n Roses, I could see Axl singing this. Another nice mid-tempo groove, not too fast and not too slow but enough to have plenty of power. ‘Rude, Crude Mood’ reminds me of a bad KISS song…..I don’t like this one but I honestly can’t put my finger on why.

‘Little Angel’ was the first single and it takes you back to the early ’80s. Sounds like it could have been on METAL HEALTH. It sounds dated but in a good way, best song on the album. You can hear this one go down in concert as a “sing-a-long with the crowd” tune, especially right after the solo with the drum break. As with every good album, there has to be a weak track and that’s ‘Resurrection’. Why they needed an instrumental for this record is beyond me, the band just went through a good cover and eight strong straight forward Hard Rock songs. Maybe this was to keep Carlos happy, who knows? This is a skip for me everytime.

Bottom Line:
Nothing like coming out and making a pure Hard Rock album in spite of the current music trends. TERRIFIED is a solid Hard Rock with a Classic Rock feel. Banali and Cavazo show why they are well respected musicians within the industry by turning in strong performances. DuBrow shows his pipes are still trademark Quiet Riot and gives the band it’s identity, something lacking on the previous album without him. The writing is better although some lyrics are a bit repetitive (‘Rude Boy’ & ‘Rude Crude Mood’). All in all, a solid album that is surprisingly strong and underrated. This was re-released in 2002 as COLD DAY IN HELL with new artwork (including Rudy Sarzo) in order to capitalize on the reunion momentum. Favorite songs: ‘Little Angel’, ‘Cold Day In Hell’, ‘Loaded Gun’, ‘Psycho City’.

8 comments on “Quiet Riot – Terrified (1993)

  1. Excellent effort!! Released in 93 when Grunge was at its peak (before Cobain died). This album should have been released after Condition Critical. Would have been huge. Seen them on this tour. Sounded phenomenal! Kevin and Carlos reunited in 1990-91 under the moniker of “Heat”. The 2 songs from Heat that should have on Terrified are: “Burning Feeling” and “Take hold of Your Dreams”, instead of “Rude Boy” and “Rude Crude Mood”- the album’s 2 weakest tracks. I actually think the instrumental: “Resurrection” kicks ass… can’t agree with the reviewer on that one.

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