Quiet Riot – Rehab (2006)

Quiet Riot - Rehab

Quiet Riot – Rehab (2006, Chavis Records)

  1. Free
  2. Blind Faith
  3. South Of Heaven
  4. Black Reign
  5. Old Habits Die Hard
  6. Strange Daze
  7. In Harms Way
  8. Beggars And Thieves
  9. Don’t Think
  10. It Sucks To Be You
  11. Evil Woman

Band Lineup:
Kevin DuBrow – Vocals
Frankie Banali – Drums
Tony Franklin – Bass
Neil Citron – Guitars

Additional Musicians:
Glenn Hughes – Bass & Vocals on ‘Evil Woman’, Bass on ‘South Of Heaven’ and Background Vocals
Michael Fell – Harmonica
Bob Carpenter – Hammond Organ/Piano

Total Time – 57:48

Kevin DuBrow official website
Frankie Banali official website
Chavis Records

When I heard that Quiet Riot was putting out a new album, it immeadiately went on my CD radar. It took a direct order from Chavis Records to acquire REHAB because the local shops weren’t stocking it.

2006 brings another lineup change as Carlos Cavazo and Rudy Sarzo are let go and Tony Franklin and Neil Citron step in for the recording. Adding further to the lineup carousel, Franklin and Citron are replaced for touring by old friend Chuck Wright (bass) and Alex Grossi (guitars). A new year also brings a new sound, a ’60s/’70s Classic Rock vibe that replaces the party Rock stylings the band is known for. The two previous albums were  successful efforts in recalling the past, this album ditches the old Quiet Riot for a more mature sound. You can hear the Bad Company, Led Zeppelin, Joe Cocker, and Deep Purple influences throughout. It’s heavy Blues Rock, DuBrow and Banali giving a nod to their old school roots.

The musicianship is top notch…..Citron, Franklin, and Banali are all well respected in their fields. I really enjoy Neil Citron’s work here. His guitar playing lending a more controlled performance rather than the frantic ’80s stylings of the past. Frankie is a great drummer. The man can pound the skins with major power but he plays within the pocket and doesn’t overbear the song. A little subdued but done well. Tony Franklin (ex-The Firm, Blue Murder) just turns in another solid performance as usual. DuBrow loses his trademark howl for actual singing as he did on TERRORIZOR and DOWN TO THE BONE. I’m not saying DuBrow is a bad singer. His style and delivery in Quiet Riot are so distinct that, when he does something different vocally, you take notice.

Some good songs here: ‘Free’, ‘Blind Faith’, ‘Old Habits Die Hard’, ‘Beggars And Thieves’, ‘Don’t Think’, and the Spooky Tooth cover ‘Evil Woman’ with Glenn Hughes.

Bottom Line:
Quiet Riot + Classic Rock – METAL HEALTH = Quiet Riot 2006.

Favorite songs: ‘Free’, Blind Faith’, ‘Don’t Think’, and ‘Evil Woman’. As always, it’s good to hear Glenn Hughes, the man has one of the best set of pipes in the business.

I’ve been living with this album for a few months and I’m still not sure what to think of it. On one hand, it’s a solid, bluesy, ’70s style Hard Rock album…..something I would expect to hear on classic rock radio stations. On the other hand, it’s a total departure from the trademark Quiet Riot sound and attitude. I prefer the ’80s style Quiet Riot and I was surprised at the sound after the success of ALIVE AND WELL and GUILTY PLEASURES recreating the past. All in all, a good album but not your usual Quiet Riot album.

10 comments on “Quiet Riot – Rehab (2006)

  1. My take was quite similar to yours. I didn’t think this disc resembled the Quiet Riot that I once knew.

    On the other hand, I didn’t get into Citron’s guitar playing at all. I thought it was a step down from Cavazo.

    I will still go see them live when they come here next month though.

  2. Definitely a “new” Quiet Riot. Or maybe it’s the type of band DuBrow and Banali always wanted?

    Citron and Cavazo have two different styles, I like Neil Citron’s playing because he plays with Lana Lane and her music is great.

    If they come this way on tour, I’m there.

  3. I am not realy into bluesy stuff that why i didnt bought this cd yet. When it get cheap i will just to keep my QR collection complete.

  4. This album probably owes its Zep leanings to Citron, who smokes guitarists half his age and is a tastier musician than his longtime mentor, Steve Vai.
    Citron hasn’t even come close to peaking yet. I believe he and Banali are doing more collaborating and I for one can’t wait.
    Go Neil!

  5. True, it didn’t have their trademark sound, but a good album is a good album. And much like the Scorpions with ‘Humanity’, I had no problem with QR going a different route to satisfy themselves creatively because they satisfied me as well. =)

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