Steve Grimmett Band – ‘Grab Your Garmin’ commercial (video, 2007)

Steve Grimmett (from the disbanded Grim Reaper) has resurfaced with the Steve Grimmett Band…..easy to remember. What I find interesting is that Grimmett teamed with Garmin for a promotional campaign and a Superbowl commercial.

This is the full ad, unfortunately it was edited during the Superbowl so you didn’t see a close-up of the band. This was my favorite commercial, probably because I was looking for it and it had to do with Heavy Metal. Of course, I also dictated useless Metal trivia about Steve Grimmett and Grim Reaper to everyone at my Superbowl party but no one remembered them.

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8 comments on “Steve Grimmett Band – ‘Grab Your Garmin’ commercial (video, 2007)

  1. I love the Reaper myself! Funny how Steve went to Onslaught, who are back with a new album and it shreds. Of course, it’s not Steve on vocals, it’s the whole 5/5 original members.

  2. I never liked him with ONSLAUGHT. I prefere the first two albums much more. I just got a live cd by the band from 1987(official release) but i still have to buy their new album. I saw them live in 2006 and they kicked ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Man, I forgot about Onslaught. I’m more into Grim Reaper than Onslaught or Lionsheart. Don’t forget, Grimmett also sang on Chateaux’s debut, CHAINED AND DESPERATE (1983). The early NWOBHM was just great.

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