CD Scavenger Hunt (The “I Already Have That” Edition) – 2/13/07

I’m notorious for going out on CD safari armed only with my bad memory and cash. Years ago, I had a database of my CDs and I always took a copy with me to the shops. I also always carried my ever-growing want list. Unfortunately, when my wife and I bought our new computer system over a year ago, I accidently erased the database and I didn’t have a back-up. I’m currently putting my CDs into a database but I am not even close to putting a dent into my collection. So I went out to the local shop last Tuesday with nothing more than my wallet and a ripped envelope with some bands and albums scrawled on it.

Testament – The Ritual (1992) – $9.99: I had been talking with some friends and Testament came up. We were talking about their debut from 1987, THE LEGACY. By coincidence, Metal Mark and I are getting a March review schedule going and THE LEGACY is one of the albums, more on that later. So I check the CDs and I can’t find THE LEGACY but I do find my crusty old cassette. Score one for the list! I walk into the local shop, go straight to Testament, and grab THE RITUAL. When I get home, I realize I bought the wrong album and I already own it!

Queen – Jazz (1978) – $6 used: There are three Queen albums I need to complete my Queen catalogue: LIVE KILLERS (1979), THE GAME (1980), and HOT SPACE (1982). So the question is: Why do I keep buying JAZZ? This has to be the third or fourth time over the years that I have been psyched to find JAZZ only to realize that I already have it when I get home. It happened again…..

Manowar – Hail To England (1984) – $6 used: I own every Manowar album on CD except BATTLE HYMNS, the debut from 1982. Of course, I insist on buying HAIL TO ENGLAND everytime. I’ve done this twice already, make it three…..

W.A.S.P. – Unholy Terror (2000) – $9 used: A steal at $9 but I already have it. I need to pick up DYING FOR THE WORLD (2002)……

Barren Cross – Atomic Arena (1988) – $3 used: A little heavenly White Metal never hurt anybody, especially a mint CD for three bucks! Problem is I have it and I need STATE OF CONTROL (1989)…..the price got me.

Total (with tax) = $36

Not a bad haul for $36 but I have them all already. Ever have this happen to you or am I just a crazy person?

6 comments on “CD Scavenger Hunt (The “I Already Have That” Edition) – 2/13/07

  1. I have never bought a cd that I already have. However more than half of my albums were given to me or I bought in lots so I have ended up with doubles that way.

    What do Barren Cross sound like? I have heard of them, but never heard any of their material.

  2. Someone bought the used Hail to England I was originally going to buy along with a Nekromantix reissue, but I didn’t see my CC was expired. I went back a day later with cash and the damned thing was gone. It was you, I know it! Give it back! :)

  3. You are crazy Steve!!!!!!!!!!!!ha ha ha. Anyway, even if you already have those cd´s a couple of times still a good buy. I always liked that TESTAMENT album. Their most comercial but still with great songs. Their debut is still my fave thy the band to be honest.
    Never been a QUEEN fan thats why i can not give my opinion, HAIL TO ENGLAND is a great MANOWAR CD, UNHOLY TERROR is good, with some good songs, better then HELLDORADO, and BARREN CROSS is one of my fave white metal bands (together with BLOODGOOD, WHITECROSS, STRYPER, DELIVERANCE, early BRIDE,etc…).
    Hail to you brother.

  4. Happens to me just about everytime I end up in a used CD shop. My brother is usually the beneficiary of my alzheimer’s. Supposedly my iPod has a feature so I can download word documents to it, but haven’t figured it out yet. Glad I’m not the only one out there. Drives the wife nuts.

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