Coming soon…..update

So I’ve taken a little hiatus from the blog…..actually, I’ve taken most of February off. I’ve been doing some extra listening, playing some Madden 07 on my new 20″ LCD TV (Valentine’s gift from the wife), and de-programming myself from the Net.

I keep the computer on all day and I go back and forth researching albums and bands, reading news, posting on boards, etc. Once and a while, I get sick of it, it’s overkill. I usually play video games and listen to music as well but I haven’t had a chance to since we moved to the new house. The PS2 and stereo is on the 2nd floor. I couldn’t trust my 3 yr old and puppy to behave together so I’ve been pretty bored. There’s only so many tea parties and games of fetch one can handle, LOL! My wife took care of one problem with the LCD TV that now sits proudly in my living room. I took care of the music by bringing home my boombox from work. Now I can play a game of Madden 07 and listen to Winger IV in between throwing tennis balls and drinking from Little Mermaid tea cups!

We will be returning to regular posts this week. I have a few things in store:

  • There will be 2 CD Scavenger hunts, one from last week and this week’s edition.
  • Legs Diamond – Town Bad Girl (1990) album review
  • Vixen – Live & Learn (2006) album review
  • Some thoughts on the Van Halen reunion
  • A few news bits

There may be a couple more posts in there but it depends if I can tear myself away from the Playstation! Add my oldest being out on school vacation and I’ve got a little more chaos at the house than usual.

Good Metal to all! Cheers!


6 comments on “Coming soon…..update

  1. Glad your back Steve – its all very well you having a break but what about those that share your addiction and need your updates ;-)

    Seriously life has to come first though doesn’t it? Best of luck in your new house.



  2. I can harldy wait for your updates. I check your blog nearly everyday for updates but it will be cool to have a lot of updates in one or two days. GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, even if i look nowadays at some other blogs too, i still think you is the best STeve and i am very happy to be in contact with you. Take care and greatings from Spain.

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