New Van Halen picture from Rolling Stone

Van Halen 2007

(L-R: Wolfgang Van Halen, David Lee Roth, Alex Van Halen, Eddie Van Halen.)

Wolfie looks like Eddie did way back in the day. Diamond Dave looks like he’s cleaned up his act, dig the jacket. Alex looks the same with a little less on top and Ed looks like a goof.

How about we put Mike Anthony back on bass and put Wolfie on guitar? It would make a better picture.

Seriously, I want to see this show just to see Diamond Dave perform and to check out Wolfgang’s chops.

17 comments on “New Van Halen picture from Rolling Stone

  1. I’ll post more later but think about this: Dave was out, Sammy is out, Mike is out, Gary is out, and Alex says nothing without approval. What is the common factor?

    EVH and booze…..He’s a great player but he needs a reality check because he ain’t doing jack shit without Dave or Sammy.

    • Very well said…Eddie is a guitar god and that’s the truth, but in my opinion, he is nothing but a ‘controlling dick’. I love Dave, and I was devastated when Sammy came along. But after a few years I became a Sam Halen fan as well. They both created amazing music and did very well with the EVH bros. I think Ed needs to check ego at the door, and grow up. And yes, I don’t think Alex has much of a say in what happens in the band. I will say that their new album ‘A Different Kind of Truth Album’ is un ‘f**king’ real, some of the best material, singing, bass, drums and guitar I have yet heard from Van Halen… would be nice to Mikey return, but Wolf is pretty awesome.


  2. You know what I’m hoping for outta this reunion? That DLR uses it to show he’s still got it and engineers a reunion with Vai and Sheehan. For all the good stuff VH have done over the years the constant ins and out have taken the shine off their achievements and I’d like to see a Skyscraper style DLR extravaganza with the boxing ring, auditorium surfing and showmanship from that era just one more time!

    Somehow I can’t see it happening tho and can’t see much future for VH past these dates and selling the new compilation album.

  3. I just cannot believe what’s happened to Eddie, the premiere guitarist of our time–until Prince came along, anyway. Jesus. This is almost a sham, though I’m curious anyway.

    • Prince is an awesome guitarist and musician, and I will agree one of the greatest composers of the rock generation, but I think its a little strong to say that he is better than EVH. EVH has created the foundation of ROCK/METAL guitar, and has influenced rock history’s most successful artists throughout the 80’s, 90’s and even the 2000’s.

  4. What a huge let-down. Eddie needs a personal bodyguard(s) that is required to prevent any and all drug and alcohol use. Then maybe they can go back to making incredible music and sums of $. Time to grow up Eddie.

  5. My question is…Do they still have it?..and if they do, how long will it be before they fall apart again. 1984 is one of my all time favorite Albums but if you listen to that CD and Dave’s solo stuff ( Eat ‘Em and Smile, Skyscraper, ) his voice was failing him even back then. Fast forward more than two decades later, I really don’t think we are going to experience the same high screaming, high kicking, high energy, amazing showmanship from an old, unpolished Diamond Dave, today. This may sound stupid but I look at Wolfgang and I worry. Is this the safest environment for him. Eddie and Alex look worn. How has the Drug and Alcohol abuse affected their showmanship and talents? But I hope and pray on my hands and knees that my favorite band of all time, kick some major Rock N Roll ass and pick up right where they left off and restore their rightful place in rock n roll history as one of the greatest bands that ever lived. Right after that I pray for world peace, an end to global warming and a multimillion dollar winning lotto ticket.

  6. I just hope, pray, and hope some more that this show will be another incredible Van Halen talent explosion. I have loved them since I was 12. A rather obsessive, unhealthy relationship at times, for years, waiting for them to grow up and make music for their fans that have faithfully attended concerts, bought cds and merchandise, and lined their pockets for so many years. Van Halen IS music to me. There can be no other. They are my rock GODS and always will be. Whether they can scream, jump or rock like they did 20 years ago or not.

  7. Ice…I agree with you 100%! Let’s face it, age creeps up on the best us. No matter what, VanHalen will always be iconic. No matter with David Lee or Sammy. they left a huge print in our minds musical collection. When you here the word “VanHalen” it takes you back to a special place and time in your life. The 80’s were great and so were they…and please, let’s no mention Prince in the sentence with VanHalen. That’s sacreligios. I’m 55 yrs. old and still have all my VH albums, numerous bandanas, a pick from one of their concerts in Vegas(1984) and a bunch of other memerabilia. Anyway…Rock on VH!!!!

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