CD Scavenger Hunt (The “Let’s Try This Again” Edition) – 2/20/07

On the last trip out I really didn’t hit the mark. Normally, what I picked up would have been considered a great day but I already had all the CDs in my collection. Armed with last week’s treasures, I entered the local shop and returned them for a $36 credit. Oh, did I mention the coupon? “$2 off each used CD and used DVD (Limit 3 each)”…..I put it to good use.

Testament – The Legacy (1987) – $13: Not to be denied the album I originally intended to buy last week, I started the day with Testament’s debut. Brand new, still sealed, and now I can trade in my old cassette at another local establishment.

Motorhead – Overkill (Deluxe Expanded Edition)(2005) – $19: Couldn’t pass this up because I haven’t seen it in a few weeks. This leaves two Deluxe Editions left to buy (Bomber and the BBC Archives) and they are priority to beef up the Motorhead collection. This also replaces another old cassette.

Cinderella – Live At The Key Club (1999) – $8 used: This CD has been floating around in different incarnations, and on different labels, since it’s original release in 1999 on Deadline. I’ve seen plenty of these available but always at regular price of $12 to $15. This one was marked “used” but it was still sealed in the original shrinkwrap. I checked with a store clerk and he said it was tagged “used” and priced accordingly to finally get it off the racks.

Jimmy Page & Robert Plant – No Quarter (1994) – $6 used: I have almost all of the solo albums by Page & Plant but my Led Zeppelin collection is thin, I only have IV. Funny thing is I know most of the songs and I enjoy them. I was pricing the Zep box set ($99 brand new) to get this out of the way but I declined. Anyway, I never gave this “reunion” much time but I saw this and figured I’d get a Zep fix at a cheaper price. I also read a pretty good review on it by Metal Mark so I had it on my brain. $6 is a bargain.

Deep Purple – Slaves And Masters (1990) – $8 used: Joe Lynn Turner is one of my favorite Rock singers and he is at the front of the Purple machine on this record. Basically it’s the classic lineup minus Ian Gillan, who JLT replaces. I remember my friend having this on tape and ‘King Of Dreams’ was such a good tune, but I wasn’t sure if I had this one. I wasn’t going to make the same mistakes as on the previous hunt, so I did what anyone in my position would do: I called my wife! I had her go upstairs and find the box where the Deep Purple CDs are…..not there.

Artension – Sacred Pathways (2002) – $6 used: I have another Artension album somewhere and I remembered that it was good so I figured at six bucks it was a good gamble. John West (Royal Hunt) is a tremendous singer so that’s a plus.

Hollywood Rose – The Roots Of Guns’n Roses (2004) – $8 used: I have passed on this time and time again but I’ve always been interested in what’s inside. The fact that Axl tried to stop this release made it more alluring. It’s a novelty CD: five original GNR demos, the same five songs then remixed by Gilby Clarke, and then the same five songs a third time but remixed by Fred Coury (Cinderella). It usually goes for $16 so half off is just right.

Total (with tax) = $68

Minus Coupon ($6 off) = $62

Minus Store Credit ($36 off) = $26

$26 is a pretty good price but it’s really $62 from the efforts of last week. Still, not bad for 7 CDs, 3 of which were new/sealed. I feel like I’ve righted a wrong!

Stay tuned because I started hunting online again and I’ve got my eyes on a few things over at Ebay and a few online shops…..

4 comments on “CD Scavenger Hunt (The “Let’s Try This Again” Edition) – 2/20/07

  1. Looks like a great hunt again Steve. You bought again some great stuff. HOLLYWOOD ROSE have some cool songs on it(ROCKER being my fave). Also i have one cd with LA GUNS demos on it(HOLLYWOOD RAW, THE ORIGINAL SESSIONS, very cool).
    TESTAMENT debut is my all time fave album by the band, OVERKILL by MOTORHEAD is a classic. I dont have that CINDERELLA live album. I have some old bootlegs but not that official one. Maybe i should get it. Always nice to see DEEP PURPLE fans and about JIMMY PAGE and ROBERT PLANT, i saw them live years ago with my girlfriend in Budapest in a sport stadion. One year later it burned away and they had to make a new one. Their were many many people at that gig(i remember being surprised because it was beginning of 1998 when rock was more death then alive) but not in Budapest, Hungary. Around 20.000 people for shore.
    Anyway, hail to you forever.

  2. Mark – I bought it out of curiousity and I’ll probably listen a few times and that’s it. The other GNR oddity I’m tempted to get is Rapidfire, the band Axl was in before Hollywood Rose. The website is:

    If this sees the light of day, I’ll pick it up.

    Rene – It was a great hunt but I’ve noticed that the variety has gone way down. I talked with a few people at the shop and it seems that they are competing more and more with online websites than ever before for the used CD market.

  3. Sad to read that Steve because their is nothing better then go into a record shop and buy what you like. Better then buying online in my opinion.
    They other day i went to a supermarket and they also sell some cds and it was a very big surprise when i found LIVE(2003) double cd by BLIND GUARDIAN for only 6 euros. I was shocked. So cheap. But how can they make money like that??? Anyway, i bought it lol.
    Take careeeeeeeeeeeeee.
    And thats for the info about RAPIDFIRE because i didnt know about that.

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