Coming this week…..

I actually came though with following my previous week’s update! Maybe I can do the same this week, here’s what I have brewing:

  • Winger – IV (2006) album review
  • Black Stone Cherry – s/t (2006) album review
  • The weekly installment of the CD Scavenger Hunt, if I can get out to the stores.
  • Some thoughts on my music collection.
  • Some news bits if there is any noteworthy info aside from the Van Halen fiasco.
  • Details on March Metal Madness
  • A Website Spotlight or Blog Love feature on one of my daily reads.

I’d like to get in another album review this week on something older if I can fit it in. Hopefully time permits because I’m deep into the March Metal Madness preparations.

Just a heads up to everyone, the Album Review Index has been updated and I’ve added some Blogs to the sidebar.

Up the Irons!


5 comments on “Coming this week…..

  1. Great. I love many updates. Also my fave CD HUNTING will maybe come back to this week. Also it will be nice to read some thought on your music collection and the WINGER review.

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