Blog Love – Hard Rock Hideout

One of my daily reads is the Hard Rock Hideout. This blog started back in November and it has gone from a very basic site to one full of reviews, videos, news, and links. There is always something new to read everyday, something I envy because Rob seems to have more time than I do! A great layout too. Very easy to navigate and I really like the WordPress theme he’s using… and red is very Metal!

Can anyone guess who’s guitar that is at the top of the Hard Rock Hideout page?

4 comments on “Blog Love – Hard Rock Hideout

  1. A great blog – Hard Rock Hideout, along with this one and Heavy Metal Time Machine have been regular hits for me daily since I discovered each of them. All three were sort of influential in me developing my own blog.

  2. Yeah, great blog and sometimes i put my opinion down on some reviews. Still i like your more because its more personal steve. When i read your reviews or your days at the record shop for exemple its like if i know you for many years and if we were brother or something like that. Strange but true. HAIL TO YOU FOREVER.

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