Website Spotlight:

I have been visiting since early 1999, ever since it has been the first site I go to when I start online. Site owner and operator, Andrew McNeice, covers everything from Hard Rock to Heavy Metal to AOR to Mainstream Rock. The website is one of the premier places to go for up to date news and interviews, as well as, previews and album reviews.

That’s not all that the website provides. There are music samples, interactive reviews, worldwide release schedules, and an extensive array of message boards and the Noticeboard. You could easily spend hours each day soaking in the current news and conversations, the challenge is add in the archives and older reviews. It’s an interactive website, not only with the thousands of fans that visit each day but also with the artists/bands who have used as a primary vehicle to promote their latest wares.

After reading this website daily for the last eight years, I have found it to be one of the most comprehensive, and accurate, Music websites on the web. I highly recommend it.

3 comments on “Website Spotlight:

  1. I have been going to Melodic Rock probably as long as you have. I have discovered a lot of new music from these guys. They seem to like the AOR side of rock a little more, than the hard stuff, but that is ok. Its a great site that I visit often.

  2. I agree too. A great site specialy for melodic hard rock and aor fans but he also review and talk about melodic metal bands. I like that site very much and i think he makes enough money of it that he doenst need to work somewhere else. A dream.

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