CD Scavenger Hunt (The “No Variety, But I Have A Coupon!” Edition) – 2/28/07

A Tuesday can’t go by without visiting the local shop. Problem is no new releases of note! To get sales moving when there are no big name new releases, the local shop turns to coupons. This week’s was “$2 off each regular price CD (limit 3)”, so I printed two and ran out.

As I have mentioned before, the variety isn’t what it used to be. There were many new releases I wanted (Kelly Keagy, Shaw/Blades, Manowar) that just weren’t in stock. Online vendors have them but I still enjoy going in person and getting a new album. It’s tradition, it’s addiction, it’s the whole concept of buying music. There were also some albums on my list that came out last year (Brother Firetribe, The Poodles, Sunstorm (featuring Joe Lynn Turner) & Talisman) but they just aren’t in demand at Newbury Comics. Stay tuned for an online edition of the Hunt because I’m taking my expedition over the Net to get these releases in the next few days.

So I get to the store with my three year old daughter and they are playing the most annoying music. Does that bother anyone else? You walk into a record store and you want to really search it but the music they are playing is so bad you want/need to leave? I couldn’t understand the singer, I couldn’t make sense of the instruments…..I was getting a headache. Thankfully. an older patron asked to hear a used Phil Collins CD, that’s not bad. Actually, Phil Collins is a fine musician. With decent music playing, I checked the wallet, and started in…..

Deep Purple – Burn (30th Anniversary Edition) – (2005) – $13: I have been eyeballing this for a year now and I always pass it up because it’s usually $5 more. The price came down so I snatched it. I should have held out and bought the EMI version from the U.K. instead of the U.S. version on Rhino because the packaging is much better. Either way, I love Purple and this fills a hone long overdue

Tankard – The Beauty and The Beer – (2006) – $15: I have never heard a Tankard record but any band that celebrates beer can’t be that bad. Knowing nothing of the band except for some random reviews, I picked up their latest release based on the album cover.

Tankard - The Beauty and The Beer (2006)


Skrapp Mettle – Sensitive – (1991) – $15: This had to be rescued from the record shop because it’s relatively rare and I can put it up on Ebay. Yes, I am one of those guys! If I find a rare, out of print, or hard to find CD, it goes to Ebay to further fund the cause. This CD was re-sealed so it wasn’t new even though it was in the regular price CDs. There was black marker on the spine of the jewel case (over the catalog #) and on the back of the case (over the year and label info).  Upon inspection, everyting was perfect except the black marker on the disc itself (over the catalog #, year, label). I tried cleaning it but I decided to stop so as to not ruin the disc itself. I think I can still fetch $25 to $30 at auction depending on the timing.

Total (w/tax) = $45

Minus Coupon ($6 off) = $39

Can’t really complain at $13 average per CD. I still have another coupon so I may go back this weekend and hopefully there is more to buy. Stay tuned…..

7 comments on “CD Scavenger Hunt (The “No Variety, But I Have A Coupon!” Edition) – 2/28/07

  1. I have heard a few Tankard albums and they are alright. They might be the most productive speed metal band of the last 20 years though. Since 1986 I don’t they think have gone more than two years without releasing an album.

  2. I love TANKARD and i have most of their albums on lp or cd. My fave album is ZOMBIE ATTACK, their debut from 86 but others like CHEMICAL INVASION, THE MOURNING AFTER or their live album FAT, UGLY AND LIVE for exemple are all great german thrash metal albums.
    If you can Steve, buy their last dvd FAT, UGLE AND STILL(A)LIVE.
    Anyway, i can see you didnt like the music at the store lol. I hope you will go back this weekend to buy some more stuff.
    I did my (nearly) weekly order on the net:
    CHASTAIN:SICK SOCIETY (i know its not very good but i am a fan lol).
    DANZIG:DANZIG III for my girlfriend
    Have a great weekend STEVE.

  3. Yeah, I reviewed the past 2 Tankard albums when they came and I was like, wow, not only are they still together, not only do they keep releasing albums, but they still have it, and they just don’t slow down…hope you enjoyed it

  4. Rob – I haven’t put it up on Ebay yet, anything to trade? We can make a deal.

    Mark – I noticed Tankard released albums regularly too. I’ve only listened to this once so I don’t have a feel for the band yet.

    Rene – Looks like you are getting more treasures online than I am in the local stores.

    David – The Tankard cover is what grabbed me, I’ve never heard anything by them before.

    Ray – Wouldn’t mind reading those reviews, are they online?

  5. Tankard always had that crazy sense of humor going for them. I had one of their albums on tape called, “The Morning After.” I wish I still had it. I remember liking it.

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