R.I.P. – Brad Delp


I was in the car Saturday morning when I heard the news of Brad Delp’s passing on Friday afternoon. I had just heard ‘Hitch A Ride’ and the local DJ came on and said that they would be playing a lot of Boston in Brad’s memory. I just couldn’t believe it. I found myself sitting at a red light, not really thinking but definitely lost in a moment.

When you hear a song like ‘Hitch A Ride’ or ‘More Than A Feeling’, the song takes you to a place where you forget about everything and you just feel good. It’s a celebration of life. To have that celebration linked to a person’s passing is an odd sensation. I’ve never met Brad Delp, I never saw Boston in concert, but those albums have always had a special place in my music collection and in my life. My attachment to the music, and to the artists, is a passionate one. When something like this happens, one can’t help but have an emotional reaction. My reaction of disbelief caused me to hold up everyone when the light turned green. It was a quick instant but I had daydreamed to another place.

My 8 yr. old daughter was in the backseat and, after she told me we had a green light, she asked, “Dad, who died?”. All I said was, “Listen to this.” and I put on the debut Boston album from my MP3 player. Sometimes music can make people understand things they normally couldn’t. All I heard again from the back was, “Wow.”

Thank you Brad Delp for all the memories of the past and the ones to come. May you rest in peace…..

4 comments on “R.I.P. – Brad Delp

  1. Hi, really nice comments. I am a huge Boston fan, they are my favourite band in fact, and I am still mourning Brad’s passing. He was amazing and will be greatly missed.

  2. Boston’s music takes me back to my late high school and early college days.

    A tragic irony is that “Hitch a Ride” is about suicide, something that I didn’t know until last year.

  3. I read your wonderful tribute to Brad Delp today (3-9-09).
    My wife saw him back in 2008 right before my birthday in February.
    Well, we felt saddened by his passing and wondered if the band Beetle Juice would continue. Good news! We just attended a fundraiser at Amesbury High School Auditorium last Friday (3-07-09) where the same membes sans Brad played for their fans. The band invited three talented singers to replace Brad; each one singing a set of songs. It was really nice that they did not want to have one person replace his memory, but to stay focus on playing the Beetle music. I’m sure Brad would have approved. Long live Brad! Long live BEETLE JUICE!

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