Van Halen & the Hall Of Fame

Van Halen was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame yesterday and it was the biggest letdown I’ve witnessed in a long time. What should have been a raucous celebration of the legendary band’s full career was more like a soft whimper.

I’m never big into award shows but the anticipation of seeing all of the primary members of Van Halen on the same stage really got me excited. Then Eddie and Alex pull out, then David Lee Roth, leaving only Michael Anthony and Sammy Hagar to accept the band’s induction. I can understand Ed being in rehab but Alex Van Halen could have shown up but, then again, he doesn’t want to piss of Ed. Diamond Dave could have really made the event a spectacle, and shown some class, but he let his ego get the better of him again. I have always been a big DLR guy but the guy should have been there.

The introduction from Velvet Revolver seemed put together at the last minute as was their performance. I bet Mike and Sam were backstage laughing it up at just how bad Velvet Revolver was. And why did it have to be Velvet Revolver? Don’t forget, they have a new album coming. Honestly, some of the contestants on American Idol could have done ‘Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love’ and ‘Runaround’ better than Guns Temple Pilots.

I thought that Mike’s acceptance speech was from the heart and he showed major class by thanking everyone, even Gary Cherone, for their part in the VH legacy. Same goes for Sammy, he thanked everyone and wished EVH well in his recovery. I think it’s obvious that the problems in the Van Halen organization are not because of these guys.

I’m glad the band got in but I’m letdown that it all blew up again. If this is the last image of Van Halen that the world will get, then this is a sad end to a great career.

One comment on “Van Halen & the Hall Of Fame

  1. I’m with you on this. I don’t normally care but I watched this on VH1. DLR is an idiot for not showing, Eddie has his own demons (and personality issues) to deal with, and Alex just does whatever Eddie says. Sammy and Mike were classy. I agree with you on the Revolver thing. Scott’s coice doesn’t fit with VH.

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