Gene Simmons facelift post-op picture

Gene Simmons facelift post-op picture

I’m sure you’ve already seen this around the Net and on Gene’s A&E TV show but, for those who haven’t, here is Gene Simmons post-op after a facelift.

Now that looks gruesome. When I first saw this, I didn’t even recognize him. I hope it was worth it because that looks painful. I haven’t seen the latest episodes but I’m intrigued. I stopped watching Family Jewels last year but you can bet I will go find it on DVD this week.

Now if he could only go under the knife to get his singing voice back…..

26 comments on “Gene Simmons facelift post-op picture

  1. I am morbidly curious to see how he will look once the swelling goes down and the surgery “takes.” I kind of got used to Gene looking old … this will be a twist.

    — david

  2. wow really let yourself go..haha just playin.
    i hope he doesnt look remotely close to that when he goes on the family jewls.
    haha i just have to laugh at that though!!

  3. Gene Simmons is all bandaged up from his face lift and his son sees him and says som witty things.
    From AETV Gene Simmons Family Jewels: Nick Simmons walks in and says “You Look asian.” His dad, Gene Simmons replies, “I am asian” Nick then states “You look like Vincenze from Three Ninjas or the guy from the karate kid movies.” “Pat Morita, thats who I look like, thank you, He’s dead. But Thank You.”

  4. I think we are all in agreement that he looks like shit and he was dumb to have it done. The general public sees him in full make-up anyway, I didn’t think he looked too bad before the surgery.

    Just age gracefully!

  5. hes going to look fantastic when he heals…and to any true kiss fans…we just want to make sure that the demon never alters his best feature…..that glorious tongue meow

  6. I think people should just let gene be gene and let him do as he pleases he has made a name for himself from the ground up hard knocks all the way let him be himself if he wants a facelift so what big deal good for you gene go go go kelly reedy a big fan of KISS since 1978 I am now 40 and still think they are the hottest band on the planet


  8. Gene, your the man. I’m 6 days post op with a face, neck, and eye lift. I’m feeling your pain. Cant wait to see how we both do.

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  10. Hay,just would lik to say that im 43 and a Kiss fan, hek,My brother and I were youger we would dress up all the, at powwows things like that, the thing was we would get to geather and all want to be you Gene. well your lift looks like it went well, well at 43 i dont need one im damd goodlooking too, i dose look like you just had a round with that boxer, glad to see you still have your ears, well if this note makes it infrom thousands,i wish your family all the beat Gene,From a little small town called Mattawa Ontario, my 8 year old says hi to. in this town it rock Gene,in the summer we have a event called Voyager days for a town only of 3.000 rock fans we had Lee Aaron ,kim michal rick emet from Trunph, thats just to name a few, look it up on the PC look for Mattawa Voyager Days,the place is like a dream.well im just going on here , from AAron jocko

  11. Forget about Gene….I want to see what Shannon looks like.
    She is still so smokin’ hot!
    We should all be so lucky, what an awesome life and family…You Da Man, Gene!

  12. Get Real Gene! What some guys will do for publicity a.k.a money. Maybe if he didn’t hook up with such a dolt who has had way too much facial work done herself and is obsessed with everything on the outside, maybe Gene would still warrant respect. He’s lost mine (I just saw a repeat of this show at the Gym today – I’d never watched the show before). How rock n’roll is this?? A facelift and a stupid girlfriend who thinks she can still get pregnant at 50. Reality Show? Reality Check Shannon.

  13. OK all u stupid people who say OMG look at him and so on. Just wait until the swelling goes down and the healing is done before people pass judgment.

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