Snake Eyes Seven – s/t (2007)

Snake Eyes Seven - s/t

Snake Eyes Seven – s/t (2007, Chavis Records)

  1. Hell Or High Water
  2. Comin’ Down
  3. Love For A Moment
  4. Bitter Pill
  5. Be Leaving
  6. Bullets & Booze
  7. Breakdown
  8. Devil With A Rosary
  9. You’re To Blame
  10. Photos Of The Dead

Band Lineup:
Victor Langen – Bass, Vocals
Daniel Nargang – Lead Vocals, Guitars
Cole Stevens – Guitars
Johnny Bland – Drums, Percussion

Total Time – 43:17

Snake Eyes Seven official website

Snake Eyes Seven released their self-titled debut back in February and the band has shown the Metal community that there is still room for a fresh new sound. Described as “vintage Black Sabbath infused with Rammstein”, this Canadian band is trying to bring the classic old guard in line with the new trends in Metal today. While I don’t really hear the Rammstein connection, I can hear the Sabbath influence on the guitar and drums. I would describe this band more as a blend of Black Sabbath, Ozzy solo, and Black Label Society. There are a few Industrial Metal moments on the record but not enough to really get a Rammstein feel.

It’s definitely a heavy album, full of guitars and pounding drums, but the vocals give off a melodic style. I’m not saying it’s melodic like Journey but there are some good vocals here that blend well with the heaviness. No doubt the band has a big sound, the musicians are experienced coming from bands like Into Eternity, Wrathchild, and Kick Axe. There’s a power and a groove but the band isn’t breaking a lot of new ground, their music actually sounds a bit dated. I get a “retro” feel, something out of the late ’80s/early ’90s Hard Rock and Metal scene. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, I think it’s more a nod to the band’s influences.

Bottom Line:
A heavy debut that sounds like different incarnations of the Ozzy sound over the years. Good musicianship, good vocals but a slightly dated sound. Very good production, definitely gives the band a larger than life/BIG sound. I would like to see how Snake Eyes Seven grow and what they do for album #2, this debut is a solid launching point. Favorite tracks: ‘Hell Or High Water’, ‘Bitter Pill’, ‘Love For A Moment’

4 comments on “Snake Eyes Seven – s/t (2007)

  1. Sounds interesting. I’m a fan of Into Internity, which are fantastic at blending melody and brutality. I’ll have to check this one out.

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