Ebay Madness – Laurence Archer, Saints & Sinners, Metallica, Fanatix, and more

Laurence Archer - LA (1986)

Laurence Archer – LA (1986) breaks the bank again at $590
Don’t you wish you could go back to ’86 and snatch up as many copies as you could of this in the Import Section of your local record store? This album is getting to be a regular feature in this column but the price seems to be going down from the lofty heights of $1376.34 & $777.77. I would really like to hear this album just so I know what the hype is all about. More info at Heavy Harmonies.

Metallica - Kill’em All in longbox for $457

Metallica – Kill’em All (1983) sealed longbox goes for $457
And this isn’t even the 12 song version! I can go down to a number of local stores, drop $15, have KILL’EM ALL on CD. What makes this different from other is the shrinkwrap and cardboard that’s worth an additional $442!

Dirty Blond - Cardboard (1995) for $262

Dirty Blond – Cardboard (1995) is a bargain at $262
Never heard of them. From what I’ve read at Heavy Harmonies, this is supposed to be really good…..but is it that good? I can picture myself buying this for $10 in ’95 at one of their shows but this is a little too much. The seller is a respected collector so it’s most likely the real thing and not a bootleg. But who are they?

Fanatix - s/t (1992)

Fanatix band photo

Fanatix – s/t (1992) sold for $203.51
Another band I’ve never heard of. It’s an independent release from the band which means you could have bought this at their local shows or through mailorder in 1992. I checked at Heavy Harmonies and there isn’t much information aside from the album info. I like the band picture.

The Accused - The Return Of Martha Splatterhead (1986)

The Accused – The Return Of Martha Splatterhead (1986) gives the seller a nice return of $166.60
Where do people get the money? Where do the sellers get these BUY IT NOW prices from? The vinyl goes for under $20 at any given time.

Saints & Sinners (1992, Japanese import) for $133.50

Saints & Sinners (1992) fetches $133.50 for the Japanese version.
Go to Ebay right now and you can get the U.S. release for under $20. There are no bonus tracks on this disc, you can count the 10 tracks on the picture.

Pretty Boy Floyd - Bullets & Lipstik (1989)

Pretty Boy Floyd – Bullets & Lipstik (1989) ends at $101.11
I didn’t remember PBF releasing this album so I went to the best source to find out more info, Heavy Harmonies. It’s not the same PBF, it’s another one from Canada that came out at the same time as the PBF we are all familiar with. Another rare release, but released officially, that seems to have gotten some exposure in European markets in 1989.

Christine Sixteen 2 – Another High School Tribute To KISS (2007)



Christine Sixteen 2 – Another High School Tribute To KISS (2007)

  1. Jungle
  2. Baby Driver
  3. Got Love For Sale
  4. War Machine
  5. Shock Me
  6. Deuce
  7. God Of Thunder
  8. Watchin’ You
  9. Master & Slave
  10. Creatures Of The Night
  11. Larger Than Life
  12. 100,000 Years
  13. Dirty Livin’
  14. Charisma
  15. Into The Night
  16. Black Diamond
  17. An interview with Gene Simmons by Mitch LaFon (6/9/80)


The Singers (L-R): Nicolas Maurais (Track 15), Cassandra Markey (Tracks 3, 5, & 12), Cassandra Goudreau (Tracks 1, 10, & 16), Nadia Goudreau (6 & 11), Jessica Dionne (Tracks 8 & 14), Jessica Scalabrini (2, 4, 7, & 13), & Carolyne Bedard (Track 11).

Not Pictured: Jessika Groleau (Track 9)


The Band (L-R): David Berube, Francis Riendeau, & Pascal Madore


Angelo Coppola – Drums on tracks 6, 7, & 8

Produced by: Patrice Beaudette

Total Time – 1:18:30

Christine Sixteen 2 website
Christine Sixteen @ MySpace
KISS Museum

I really enjoyed the first Christine Sixteen Tribute To KISS and I’m happy to say that the second tribute is as good, if not better, than the first. For those unfamiliar with the project, Patrice Beaudette (Teacher/Producer) decided to start a class project with teens from the Quebec high school he teaches at. The result? One of the most original, and professional, tribute albums to date.

First, let me say that these young men and women perform like seasoned professionals. The music is top notch and the vocals very well done. This is a truly unique concept: using high school students to record an album. Just the effort alone is enough to grab my attention. Second, the production is flawless. This is an album that everyone involved in should be proud of.

Like the first album, the setlist is very diverse, representing multiple eras of KISS. There are some real deep tracks from the KISS Katalog: ‘Baby Driver’, ‘Got Love For Sale’, ‘Larger Than Life’, ‘Charisma’, ‘Dirty Livin’, and ‘Into The Night’ (from the Frehley’s Comet debut). As a KISS fan, I get tired of hearing the concert staples the band performs, I enjoy the more obscure songs. To hear ‘Jungle’ or ‘Baby Driver’ done so well by students makes me appreciate the original music, and the band, that much more.

As a bonus, the album concludes with an audio interview with Gene Simmons from June 1980 by Mitch LaFon (at age 11) and his mother, Dr. Marianne Stenbaek. What is interesting here is that Gene answers many questions invovlving the recording of UNMASKED, the idea of KISS World, Peter Criss’ departure, etc. What I found most interesting is when Gene answers young Mitch’s questions. How refreshing to here Mr. Gene $immons answering questions from an 11 year old. A very intelligent and informative interview.

Bottom Line:
It’s a KISS tribute album with a concept so original and unique that makes it a great album. I’m not usually a fan of cover songs on band’s albums but I do enjoy good tribute albums. Favorite songs: ‘Baby Driver’, ‘Dirty Livin’, ‘Charisma’, & ‘Black Diamond’. Actually, I like every song on the record. Christine Sixteen 2 builds on the strong foundation of the first record, showcasing the talents of the young men and women who perform admirably. If you are a KISS fan, this is essential. If you support the younger generation in their musical aspirations, this is a must. 

Special thanks to my friend Patrice Beaudette for thanking me in the liner notes and also posting a banner and link for Heavy Metal Addiction. When a project this special comes around, it is an honor to help spread the word.

Only 600 copies were pressed, so this is a limited edition release. Copies are available exclusively at the KISS Museum.

CD Scavenger Hunt – ‘Ozzy Edition’ – 5/22/07

Nothing really had me ready to spend this week but I did make it out to the local shop Tuesday. On the list: the new Ozzy album and, hopefully, the new Scorpions disc. With my $3 off coupon for the Ozzy album, I started the hunt…..

Ozzy Osbourne – Black Rain – $9.99: Wasn’t going to pass up a new Ozzy album for 10 bucks, especially when you can get two free tickets to Ozzfest with it! The artwork, or lack of, was different than what I’d seen on the Net but I snatched it anyway.

Southern Lord sampler CD – Free: Nothing better than getting something for free. 11 bands, 11 songs…..I’ll listen to see if there’s anything good.

Unfortunately, there was no Scorpions album, I’ll order online. Puzzled by the Ozzy artwork, I went to Best Buy and Target to make sure I got the right CD. Sure enough, they all had the same plain, drab digipak without art. Not sure what te deal is with that. Maybe a limited edition? I’d sacrifice the two free tickets for a jewel case, artwork, and booklet.

PRESS RELEASE: Christine Sixteen 2 – Another High School Tribute to KISS

Christine Sixteen 2 cover 

CHRISTINE SIXTEEN 2: ANOTHER HIGH-SCHOOL TRIBUTE TO KISS PRESS RELEASEI’m proud to announce that CHRISTINE SIXTEEN 2: ANOTHER HIGH SCHOOL TRIBUTE TO KISS is now available. Kiss fans will be able to buy it from KISS MUSEUM in the coming weeks.

We are really proud of the final product which sounds heavier and more achieved than last year.

The CD has been pressed at 600 copies this time around. The project, just like last year, is still a non-profit venture to encourage teenagers to experiment a style of music that they are not usually familiar with. It also gives them the chance to go to professional recording studio and experiment some media frenzy.

We are also very pleased to welcome kid sensation drummer Angelo Coppola on board. Angelo rocks on three tracks on the new CD.

Patrice Beaudette (Producer)


I would like to let you all know that I have received a copy of this new CD and it is excellent. Patrice and the kids did another outstanding job. It is such a unique concept for a tribute album, I hope they continue with other bands also.

If you want more information, please visit High School Tributes or KISS Museum. You can also read my review of the first Christine Sixteen tribute here.

—– Steve

Shuffle Mode – 5/21/07

Tale Of The Tape:
Dell DJ 30 (1st gen)
3138 songs (265 full albums) 

I was working late tonight doing paperwork so I put the headphones on and drifted away….. Here’s the first 25 songs (band-song-album):

  1. Saxon – ‘Strong Arm Of The Law’ – Strong Arm Of The Law
  2. Motley Crue – ‘Hell On High Heels’ – New Tattoo
  3. Black Sabbath – ‘Turn Up The Night’ – Mob Rules
  4. Quiet Riot – ‘Blast From the Past’ – Guilty Pleasures
  5. MSG – ‘Freedom’ – Tales Of Rock’n Roll
  6. Saxon – ‘Prisoner’ – Metalhead
  7. KISS – ‘Love Gun’ – Love Gun
  8. Primal Fear – ‘Chainbreaker’ – Primal Fear
  9. Night Ranger – ‘Four In The Morning’ – 7 Wishes
  10. Judas Priest – ‘Love Bites’ – Defenders Of The Faith
  11. Dokken – ‘The Hunter’ – Under Lock And Key
  12. KISS – ‘Take It Off’ – Revenge
  13. Def Leppard – ‘Let It Go’ – High’n Dry
  14. Krokus – ‘Burning Up The Night’ – Change Of Address
  15. Hear’n Aid – ‘Stars’ – Hear’n Aid
  16. ZZ Top – ‘T.V. Dinners’ – Eliminator
  17. U.D.O. – ‘They Want War’ – Best of U.D.O.
  18. Scorpions – ‘Big City Nights’ – World Wide Live
  19. Ratt – ‘Body Talk’ – Dancing Undercover
  20. Metallica – ‘Leper Messiah’ – Master Of Puppets
  21. Krokus – ‘Long Stick Goes Boom’ – One Vice At A Time
  22. Taz Taylor Band – ‘Radio Luxembourg’ – Welcome To America!
  23. Def Leppard – ‘Promises’ – Euphoria
  24. Starz – ‘Detroit Girls’ – Starz
  25. Cinderella – ‘The Last Mile’ – Long Cold Winter

Current playlist

I’ve been listening to a lot of music instead of writing. Here is what’s been spinning:

  • Christine Sixteen 2 – Another High School Tribute To KISS – (2007)
  • Rush – Snakes & Arrows – (2007)
  • Primal Fear – Metal Is Forever (The Very Best OF Primal Fear) – (2007)
  • Starz – s/t – (1976)
  • Wig Wam – Wigwamania – (2006)
  • Q5 – Steel The Light – (1984)
  • Skrapp Mettle – Sensitive – (1991)
  • Sonic X – Thirteen – (2007)

I should have some reviews up on a few of these soon. What have you been listening to lately?

Metal Trivia 1

I got inspired by the Hard Rock Hideout trivia that I decided to put some out there as well. I will give the answer on Saturday if no one answers correctly. Good luck to all, here is the first question:

Before joining Iron Maiden, Adrian Smith played in what band?

Heaven & Hell, Megadeth, and Machine Head in concert – 5/15/07

I just got home from the Heaven & Hell concert at Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut, what a show! I flew solo again because nothing was going to stop me from seeing the Dio-era Black Sabbath live again. The last time I saw them perform together was Summer ’92 in Boston, MA at the Orpheum Theater for the Dehumanizer Tour. Mohegan Sun is an hour drive from my house but it was 45 minutes longer due to construction. I ended up backtracking 20 minutes to get there without traffic.

The arena was sold-out and the crowd was a mix of old diehards (like myself) and young kids that are probably skipping school in the morning. Actually, there were a lot of young kids at the show. It just seemed odd to see that many underage fans at an arena inside a major casino. There’s not a bad seat in the house at Mohegan so I was pleased to be just above floor level and first seat on the aisle.

On to the show…..

First up was Machine Head. I’ll be honest, I’ve never heard a Machine Head song until the show tonight, so I had no idea what to expect. I got 30 minutes of hard driving Thrash! Not a bad thing at all. The vocals put me off a little because I’m not a fan of the “growl” but I thought the band was pretty good. Good enough for me to track down a CD or two.

Thunderous applause greeted Dave Mustaine and company when Megadeth hit the stage. Another set of Thrash, can’t beat that! I don’t have the full set but some of the highlights were: ‘Peace Sells’, ‘Symphony Of Destruction’, ‘Holy Wars’, and a couple of new songs from the newly released UNITED ABOMINATIONS. Unfortunately, I’m not as familiar with the entire Megadeth catalog as I had thought because there were a few songs I didn’t recognize. Either way, the band played an hour and played great. The crowd’s reaction to ‘Peace Sells’ was just an explosion of energy, one that wasn’t seen throughout Heaven & Hell’s set.

My only reason for going was to see Sabbath. No matter what they have changed the name to, it is still Black Sabbath. Here’s the setlist:

  1. E5150
  2. After All (The Dead)
  3. Mob Rules
  4. Children Of The Sea
  5. Lady Evil
  6. I
  7. The Sign Of The Southern Cross
  8. Voodoo
  9. The Devil Cried
  10. drum solo
  11. Computer God
  12. Falling Off The Edge Of The World
  13. Shadow Of The Wind
  14. Die Young
  15. Heaven And Hell (with guitar solo)
  16. Neon Knights

This is a pretty straight forward set for the band, my only criticism being that ‘Turn Up The Night’ was excluded. A minor detail because the show was fabulous. The band was tight and RJD was in fine voice. The real treat was the three songs from DEHUMANIZER. I knew that they would do at least two songs but to get ‘Computer God’ as well was fantastic. I’ve always enjoyed DEHUMANIZER and I tend to rate it higher than most Sabbath fans do. The two new songs from BLACK SABBATH – THE DIO YEARS went over well live but they were the low point of the night, the crowd wasn’t as into those songs as the classics. Understandable.

Dio was in fine form but I did notice that he was singing lower. If you’ve seen the Dio band live in the last few years, or you watched the HOLY DIVER LIVE DVD, then you know what I’m talking about. RJD gets a pass though because the man is 65 years old and he still sings better than singers half his age or younger. He might not be able to sing in his upper register all night long but he did when it counted (‘Heaven And Hell’, ‘Neon Knights’). Geezer Butler and Vinny Appice were extremely tight on the back end but it was Tony Iommi that stole the show. Iommi is the master of Heavy Metal guitar and he put on an absolute clinic onstage tonight. I don’t think he missed a single lick and he improvised a few details into his solos that added more to the songs. What impressed me was the ease in which he performed. The man is pounding out on his guitar and he is smiling the whole time, walking back and forth a little, and not using any “guitar acrobatics”. The man just stood there and played, not needing any extras to capture the crowd.

After the show, the band was setup at a table in the middle of the casino shopping area and they were having a “meet & greet”. The line was so long that the estimated time to actually get up to he stage was around 90 minutes. I figured that by the time my turn rolled around, the band would call it a night. I decided to skip it and head to the parking garage. All in all, I witnessed another excellent concert and added another Heavy Metal memory. If you get the chance to see this tour, go!

Ebay Madness – Sgt. Roxx, W.A.S.P., JC, Pretty Wicked

It’s been awhile sonce I did a proper Ebay Madness post. Since I bought the house in late October, I haven’t had much time to do any searching on Ebay. It’s not just the money, it’s the time. At my old apartment, the computer was in the family room. At the house, it’s in the master bedroom. With two kids and a dog on the first floor, it’s hard to hide away scouring Ebay for bargains and rarities.

I’ve had a few emails asking if I was still doing Ebay Madness and I noticed Metal Mark mentioned it in a comments section. So here it is…..back by popular demand…..Ebay Madness!

WASP CDs go for $480

W.A.S.P. collection (12 CDs) ends at $480.
This is just a crazy auction. There were 45 bids ! I honestly could walk into my usual store and round these up for $8-$15 each right now. The first five are the newly reissued CDs with bonus tracks, they are fairly common. The last six are newer releases and are fairly common. The hardest one to find is STILL NOT BLACK ENOUGH and I can buy at least three copies in one trip out. If I knew I could make that kind of money, I would put a lot up a week for a month. Now that Ebay has anonymous bidding, I can’t see the IDs of the bidders. The suspicious thing is that Bidder 6 really up the ante and didn’t win. Something’s fishy!

JC - Desire for $455

JC – Desire (1990) ends at $455.
I know nothing about JC. From the auction description, and the information at Heavy Harmonies, this is a rare AOR album. This is another of those independent releases that gets much hype in collector’s circles. With 16 bids, obviously some people know about this guy.

Sgt. Roxx - Push and Squeeze ends at $415.01

Sgt. Roxx – Push and Squeeze (1990) ends at $415.01.
Another band I’ve heard of but never heard the music. Sgt. Roxx is another rarity that collector’s drool over but it’s only a 6 song CD. That barely gets by E.P. status! Another independent release that gets it’s hype from it’s limited production run. For over $400, I hope the music is top notch. More info on Sgt. Roxx can be found at Heavy Harmonies.

Edane - Jabrik (1994) for $402

Edane – Jabrik (1994) goes to the winner at $4o2.
If you like your Hard Rock from Indonesia, then you might want to check out Edane. the band is still together and releasing albums but JABRIK is out of print. I would rather take my chances emailing the band for a copy than paying $402 but some people have cash to burn. I did notice that the seller and winner are both top flight collectors so I know it was a legit auction. More info on Edane can be found at their official website or Heavy Harmonies.

Pretty Wicked sells for $199.99.

Pretty Wicked – s/t (1992) sells for $199.99.
Another independent rarity i know nothing about. Someone out there knows the band because this CD ended with “BUY IT NOW” for $199.99. More info at Heavy Harmonies.

Nasty Nasty - Get Some!!!

Nasty Nasty – Get Some!!! (1990) ends at $188.35.
Ever wonder where all these bands came from? Another band that didn’t make it releases a CD in the early ’90s and a seller in the new millenium makes a killing. If I saw this in a used bin, I’d grab it but I’d expect to pay less than five bucks. $188.35 is a little steep but very affordable compared to the W.A.S.P. auction! Head over to Heavy Harmonies again for more info.

Starz – Violation (1977)

Starz - Violation

Starz – Violation (1977, Capitol) – (2005 reissue, Ryko)

  1. Cherry Baby
  2. Rock Six Times
  3. Sing It, Shout It
  4. Violation
  5. Subway Terror
  6. All Night Long
  7. Cool One
  8. S.T.E.A.D.Y.
  9. Is That A Street Light Or The Moon?
  10. Do It With The Lights On (demo)*
  11. Cool One (demo)*
  12. Rock This Town (demo)*

(* bonus track)

Starz lineup 1977

Band Lineup:
Michael Lee Smith – Vocals
Richie Ranno – Guitars
Brenden Harkin – Guitars
Pete Sweval – Bass
Joe Dube – Drums

Total Time – 46:21

Starz official website

Starz came from the New York glam scene in the early to mid-70s and served up a Hard Rock feast like KISS and Angel. KISS and Angel shared labels, KISS and Starz shared management…..the seeds were planted for Starz to be big.

VIOLATION is Starz’ second album and it is a ’70s Hard Rock classic. ‘Cherry Baby’ is a Pop Rock radio hit if I ever heard one. Very simple and direct with a fat bass and decent guitar lines. Michael Lee Smith crooning into the catchy chorus for us to sing along. ‘Rock Six Times’ is a riff rocker full of power and punch. Some interesting guitar tones on this track as well as heavier drums.

Starting slow and easy with a basic rhythm tracks and basic guitar riff, ‘Sing It, Shout It’ slowly builds into the chorus. Michael Lee Smith has a knack for melody and the hooks keep you singing right along. It’s a “feel good” Rock tune. The odd thing come solo time is that Ranno does a great Ace Frehley impersonation instead of doing his own thing. The title track starts with a drum intro that kicks into the guitars. This is the anthem, the mission statement for the band. Just take the first line of the chorus:

“I wanna Rock’n Roll….
No….that’s a Violation”

This could have been a big single as the Seventies were a time of anthems, a definite fist-pumper.

‘Subway Terror’ is another muscle rocker that has a pounding bottom end with some great guitar fills. The bass really drives this song and gives it a sinister quality. The lyrics are out of the party realm and more toward a evil vibe. ‘All Night Long’ is my least favorite on the record. I’m not into the gang vocals on the chorus and the slower pacing just doesn’t do it for me. It sounds clumsy and plodding.

A ’60s feel comes through on ‘Cool One’. The band writing like KISS to appeal to the teenage primal urges. Absolutely brilliant lyrics about getting together with a girl in a movie theater:

“She reached over and squeezed on my rocks
I lost it all in the popcorn box!”

‘S.T.E.A.D.Y.’ starts off slow and boring but picks up come the chorus and turns into another solid Hard Rock track. Ballad time comes with ‘Is That A Street Light Or The Moon?’. I don’t like the attempt at singing ultra high, it comes off silly. Smith already has a higher range but this sounds like a shrill cat. Towards the end. he does come back to his usual singing style but the song is already a wash. I like the orchestration and strings, just not the vocal.

The demos are pretty good. ‘Do It With the Lights On’ is the original version of ‘Rock Six Times’. The demo sounds almost exact until the chorus comes and it’s totally different. The ‘Cool One’ demo is almost exact to the final version but it’s a bit too bubblegum and fast. Smith uses that silly high range instead of his normal voice. ‘Rock This Town’ has a Southern Rock feel to it and it turns out to be a decent forgotten song.

Bottom Line:
Starz is low-grade KISS with a touch of Aerosmith, Ted Nugent, and Cheap Trick rolled into one. The album is full of solid Hard Rock and the lyrics bring a laugh while retaining their melody and rhyme. Ritchie Ranno sounds like Space Ace on more than one occasion but he delivers a unique guitar attack. Well worth checking out if you like ’70s hard Rock about partying and getting chicks. Favorite songs: ‘Cherry Baby’, ‘Violation’, ‘Cool One’, ‘Sing It, Shout It’, ‘Subway Terror’. If I had to rate this album on a 10-scale, I’d give it 8.5.

Ontray – C’mon, Taste It! (1988)

Ontray - C’mon, Taste It

Ontray – C’mon, Taste It! (1988, Purple Quack Records)

  1. What Do You Want?
  2. Back For Round 2
  3. None Of Your Business
  4. You Make Me Feel Like Dancin’
  5. Night
  6. Bad For Me
  7. Black Lace
  8. Go For It
  9. Wastin’ No More Time

Band Lineup:
Steve Gagnon – Lead Vocals, Guitars
Mark DeShong – Bass
Bobby Haan – Drums

Additional Musicians:
Stanley Palmatier – Lead Guitar
Scott Barker – Keyboards
Lance Fountain – Lead Guitar
The Thugs – Backing Vocals

Total Time – 35:56

More information about Ontray from Heavy Harmonies.com 


Ontray is a Hard Rock/Glam band from Michigan. Outside of that, I know nothing else about the band. The album is self-released and one of the hardest independent CDs to track down. In my ten years on the Internet, I’ve seen this CD fetch as high as over $300 at auction. I’ve also seen copies surface from the band’s own stash and the price plummet to $25. I tracked this CD down on Ebay a few years ago, I believe I paid around $65 for it.

The album is professionally done: the music is competently produced, the booklet is professional…..the cover sucks. What you get on the actual disc is Hard Rock Lite, Lite Glam, and some AOR thrown in the mix. That’s not a bad mix of styles for 1988 but the material is bad.

‘What Do You Want’ starts off with some promise until the chorus, that’s when The Thugs come in. The gang backing vocals destroy the song and make it annoying. Steve Gagnon also has this annoying whining vocal that crops up from time to time. Where are the drums? Sounds like someone is playing coffee cans. I really dig ‘Back For Round 2’. It’s Hard Rock Lite with a catchy chorus and hook. Gagnon leaves the whine aside and The Thugs are held in check. There some life behind the kit as well.

‘None Of Your Business’ is a ballad that seems to drag on forever. I don’t mind the storm effects for mood but I do mind the vocals and The Thugs. Musically, I like the guitar tone on the solos, not much else. ‘You Make Me Feel Like Dancin’ is not the disco hit. Too bad because it’s a lot better than this original with the same title. This song tries to Rock hard but it is so weak, there is no crunch, no balls. This sounds like it should be in an early ’80s teen movie. The same formula applies to ‘Night’ but the tempo is slowed a bit. Vocalist Steve Gagnon uses a deeper delivery this time but there is still no power.

‘Bad For Me’ adds a touch of Sleaze to the album. I like the music on this tune, cool main riff and drum intro. Gagnon finally adds some meat to the vocals. Overall, a decent song. Next is a bad song: ‘Black Lace’. This time, Bobby Haan replaces his drum kit with an annoying trash can. That’s what it sounds like! No bass to be heard and the bad vocals are pushed way out front. It sounds like the band was going for a sleazy shuffle type tune but there is no sleaze here. I like the direction of ‘Go For It’, it’s a straight ahead Hard Rock song that sounds like a Night Ranger cast-off but not as good. The chorus sucks and The Thugs make another annoying appearance…..great guitar solo though. Ballad #2, ‘Wastin’ No More Time’, ends the album. It’s a song that sums up how I feel about listening to the record: a waste of time. The vocals are so bad here that all I can do is laugh.

Bottom Line:
This was released on Purple Quack Records, that alone should have sent up the warning signs. This music reminds me of bands you see playing proms in ’80s movies like ‘Just One Of The Guys’. It’s bad, avoid unless it’s cheap and you want a conversation piece due to it’s rarity. I give the band credit for a professional package and two enjoyable songs: ‘Back For Round 2’ and ‘Bad For Me’.