Tankard – The Beauty And The Beer (2006)

Tankard - The Beauty and The Beer (2006)

Tankard – The Beauty And The Beer (AFM/Locomotive, 2006)

  1. Ice-Olation
  2. We Still Drink The Old Ways
  3. Forsaken World
  4. Rockstars No. 1
  5. The Beauty And The Beast
  6. Blue Rage – Black Redemption
  7. Frankfurt: We Need More Beer
  8. Metal To Metal
  9. Dirty Digger
  10. Shaken Not Stirred

Band Lineup:
Andreas Geremia – Vocals
Andreas Gutjahr – Guitar
Frank Thorwarth – Bass
Olaf Zissel – Drums

Total Time – 45:55

Tankard official website

When I picked up this album at the local shop, I knew nothing about Tankard. Honestly, I picked this up because of the cover. I figured that it had to be good.

Tankard delivers basic German thrash, nothing overly excessive, except maybe their love of beer! The album sounds dated but in a good way. It’s actually refreshing to listen to basic old-school thrash that isn’t too technical and complicated. The music is solid and the lyrics range from all -out fun to thought provoking.

With all Tankard albums, there must always be a healthy portion of beer inspired mayhem. Songs like ‘Ice-olation’, ‘We Still Drink The Old Ways’, ‘Frankfurt: We Need More Beer’,  and ‘Shaken Not Stirred’ satisfy a hearty thirst for swilling fun. The band takes some unexpected turns towards current events with their lyrics: ‘Forsaken World’ talks about the state of the planet (global warming, natural disasters, etc.), ‘Dirty Digger’ is politically charged towards the Iraq situation, and crime and violence is the focus of ‘Blue Rage – Black Redemption’. All in all, the lyrics are simple but hold the listener’s attention. I found myself singing along after a couple of spins. The highlight of the record is Andreas Gutjahr’s guitar playing. There are some monster riffs across the board but the shining moments are the solos.

Bottom Line:
Basic thrash metal that sounds refreshingly dated but very solid. If you liked old ’80s thrash, then this is for you. Tankard isn’t innovative and technical but they can definitely party. The album was made to be enjoyed rather than scrutinized. Favorite songs here: ‘Forsaken World’, ‘Ice-olation’, ‘We Still Drink The Old Ways’, and ‘Dirty Digger’. Raise a pint and enjoy!

4 comments on “Tankard – The Beauty And The Beer (2006)

  1. TANKARD are still a great band after all this years. My fave albums must be their first ones specialy their debut ZOMBIE ATTACK. Their only weak album could be DISCO DESTROYER but all the rest are great.

  2. Dear Tankard,

    will you play in our country Czech Republic ? I would like to visit your concert. If so, where will you lay and when ? If not, what is your conditions for arriving here for concert ? I arrange concert for Vendetta on 20. February 2009 and maybe I would consider to arrange a concert for you too. Let me know. Best regards Jaroslav

  3. If you drink beer, and enjoy good ol’ late 80’s early 90’s thrash, you will be seaking every Tankard album. These guys kick ass after all these years!

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