I need some input

I visit a lot of music websites, message boards, and blogs daily. One of the features that I would like to have is the ability for my readers to hear some of the music I’m writing about. Nothing is better than reading about a band, album, or song and being able to hear the music or a sample. Wouldn’t it be easier to check out Balance Of Power if you could hear some tracks? Or if you’re on the fence about dropping $15 for the new Saxon album, wouldn’t it be great to hear a sample?

I’m not looking to open an online radio station or offer people the ability to download the songs, just a means to hear them. Kind of along the lines of Vibrations Of Doom’s Classic Albums. So if anyone out there can suggest a decent MP3 host, I’d appreciate it.


3 comments on “I need some input

  1. I can not realy help you with that because most of the time when i need info about a band i just go to MY SPACE or to YOU TUBE.

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