Coming this week…..

Something happened this past week because I was able to get seven posts out. I was busier than usual at work and the weather has been great so I haven’t been connected to the computer as much. My wife and I are talking about doing something with her extra laptop, if I get my hands on that and go wireless then the posts are going to come fast and furious!

Actually, being a little prepared helped a lot. I was able to listen to a lot more music this past week and I was able to get the templates for the Album Reviews done in advance, that alone saved me a ton of time.

So what’s coming up this week?

  • Album Reviews on Dokken, Starz, Sonic X, and American Angel
  • Current playlists
  • A new CD Scavenger Hunt…..if I decide to go out
  • An updated ‘About Me’ page

Of course this is all very ambitious but I think I can get it all done. Thanks to all of you for stopping by.



4 comments on “Coming this week…..

  1. Well, I’m glad you all enjoy what I write.

    Mark – I haven’t been trolling Ebay for awhile now, it gets expensive. With the new house comes many expenses and that has taken away a lot of my music spending. I have been very careful with how/what I purchase. I did browse a bit the other day and I got a little taste.

    Bill – I read your blog daily, as well as Mark’s and Rob’s. I really enjoy your reviews.

    Rene – My brother in Metal! Keep the fire burning!

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