CD Scavenger Hunt – ‘Ozzy Edition’ – 5/22/07

Nothing really had me ready to spend this week but I did make it out to the local shop Tuesday. On the list: the new Ozzy album and, hopefully, the new Scorpions disc. With my $3 off coupon for the Ozzy album, I started the hunt…..

Ozzy Osbourne – Black Rain – $9.99: Wasn’t going to pass up a new Ozzy album for 10 bucks, especially when you can get two free tickets to Ozzfest with it! The artwork, or lack of, was different than what I’d seen on the Net but I snatched it anyway.

Southern Lord sampler CD – Free: Nothing better than getting something for free. 11 bands, 11 songs…..I’ll listen to see if there’s anything good.

Unfortunately, there was no Scorpions album, I’ll order online. Puzzled by the Ozzy artwork, I went to Best Buy and Target to make sure I got the right CD. Sure enough, they all had the same plain, drab digipak without art. Not sure what te deal is with that. Maybe a limited edition? I’d sacrifice the two free tickets for a jewel case, artwork, and booklet.

6 comments on “CD Scavenger Hunt – ‘Ozzy Edition’ – 5/22/07

  1. They dont know what to do anymore to sell a cd. Increible how little people care about cds nowadays. I think its sad because i realy love cds, with artwork etc…and thats why i hate mp3 or shit like that. I need the original thing and i am afraid that little by little even less people will buy original cds. You Steve, and me and other die hards will keep the faith till they end, thats for shore.
    HAIL TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hard Rock Hideout – I prefer the UK artwork but I won’t be buying 2 copies. I used to do that but not for Ozzy.

    Rene – Imagine if Ozzy did a package like the last Saxon or Manowar album? The new CD plus a DVD or a bonus disc with a full color booklet. I realize that 2 tix to Ozzfest caters to the young crowd but for my age (34), I’d rather have the extras in my collection.

  3. Yes, that would have been a cool thing to do, put a dvd with the new OZZY album, i agree STEVE.
    Take careeeeeeeeee.

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