PRESS RELEASE: Christine Sixteen 2 – Another High School Tribute to KISS

Christine Sixteen 2 cover 

CHRISTINE SIXTEEN 2: ANOTHER HIGH-SCHOOL TRIBUTE TO KISS PRESS RELEASEI’m proud to announce that CHRISTINE SIXTEEN 2: ANOTHER HIGH SCHOOL TRIBUTE TO KISS is now available. Kiss fans will be able to buy it from KISS MUSEUM in the coming weeks.

We are really proud of the final product which sounds heavier and more achieved than last year.

The CD has been pressed at 600 copies this time around. The project, just like last year, is still a non-profit venture to encourage teenagers to experiment a style of music that they are not usually familiar with. It also gives them the chance to go to professional recording studio and experiment some media frenzy.

We are also very pleased to welcome kid sensation drummer Angelo Coppola on board. Angelo rocks on three tracks on the new CD.

Patrice Beaudette (Producer)


I would like to let you all know that I have received a copy of this new CD and it is excellent. Patrice and the kids did another outstanding job. It is such a unique concept for a tribute album, I hope they continue with other bands also.

If you want more information, please visit High School Tributes or KISS Museum. You can also read my review of the first Christine Sixteen tribute here.

—– Steve

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