Ebay Madness – Excruciate, Iron Maiden, Sgt. Roxx, Kidd Wikkid, Lessdress, Tesla

Excruciate - Passage Of Life (1993) for $300.01
Excruciate – Passage Of Life (1993) ends at $300.01!
I know absolutely nothing about Sweden’s Excruciate but I do know that $300 for a CD is a lot of money. The auction states the CD is OOP (out of print) and is a first pressing on Thrash Records but it’s still a lot of money. I’ve looked around and this can be bought between $20 and $50 on various websites, including Ebay. (As of this entry, there is a current auction going for the same exact CD. It will be interesting to watch.)

Iron Maiden - 7th Son… (in longbox) for $300 Buy It Now.
Iron Maiden – Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son (in longbox) ends at $300 BUY IT NOW!
I understand the attraction of a sealed, rare, OOP CD that has eluded you for a long time, I even get the allure of a rarity in a longbox. The problem I have is that this CD is fairly common in used bins, I’ve seen the EMI 1st CD press, the Raw Power reissue, and the current pressing. In the U.S. alone, Maiden’s catalog has had FOUR different pressings on CD, the Castle Records 2 CD limited editions are the most collectible. This is definite madness for a CD and extra cardboard!

Iron Maiden - Soundhouse Tapes Ltd. Ed. for $250 BIN
Iron Maiden – The Soundhouse Tapes (ltd. ed.) bought for $250 with BUY IT NOW!
A regular favorite here at Heavy Metal Addiction. Iron Maiden’s limited edition CD release of their debut E.P., THE SOUNDHOUSE TAPES, was a freebie when you bought six of the latest remasters, filled out the form, sent the proof of purchase, blah…..blah…..blah. It was a gimmick to get fans to buy another set of Maiden remasters. This one sold for $660 and $820 about a year ago, is this a bargain now?

Sgt. Roxx - Push and Squeeze
Sgt. Roxx – Push & Squeeze (1990) sells for $241.28!
I featured this CD back in May at $415.01 and it’s gone down $174 in only 90 days, a real bargain! This is one of those collector’s dreams, it’s been raved about for years but is it worth $200+? I’ve never heard it so it’s beyond my knowledge. I do know this: In almost nine years on Ebay, I’ve seen only two copies sell at auction. In the last two months, that total has been equalled, another album to watch.

Kidd Wikkid - s/t (1992)
Kidd Wikkid – s/t (1992) gets $232.48!
Another rarity that was featured before and has gone down in the collector’s market significantly. Not only is this CD rare and fetching over $200+ but it’s also sold by the same seller as the Sgt. Roxx CD above. A nice way to make some quick cash, I hope they made a copy of each.

Lessdress - Love Industry (1993)
Lessdress – Love Industry (1993) grabs $224.50!
Lessdress is from Poland and plays an ’80s style brand of Hard Rock. This is another rarity that commands large dollars with many collectors. From what I’ve read, their first album, DUMBLONDES (1989), is not available on CD. I’ve never heard the music on either release but the band gets some good reviews at Heavy Harmonies.

Tesla - Reel To Reel Vol. 2 (2007)
Tesla – Real To Reel Vol.2 (2007) gets $175 with BUY IT NOW!
This one is definite madness! You get the CD free when you buy a ticket to see Tesla on the current tour. Buy one ticket, get one CD. Buy two, get two CDs…..etc., etc. Obviously, multiple people go to a show, not everyone cares about the disc. If I were going to the show with my wife, you bet right that I would have the second copy on Ebay that night. At these prices, how can a seller go wrong? As for the buyers…..go see the band on tour, pay less money and get the CD too. Or you could check out the auctions that have BOTH volumes together for less.

PRESS RELEASE: Peter Criss – One For All (Special Edition) available Exclusively at Best Buy

From PeterCriss.net: 

FANS CAN OBTAIN THE SPECIAL EDITION IN THE U.S. AT RETAIL CHAIN “BEST BUY” ON JULY 24 The legendary PETER CRISS, founding member, drummer and vocalist of the iconic rock group KISS, in an unprecedented CD promotion, is releasing a special edition of his new upcoming solo CD, ONE FOR ALL, which will be available worldwide on July 24.In dedication to his fans, Criss personally autographed a limited amount of CDs of the “special edition” package, which will be marked with a “gold” sticker on the CD, and will be available in the U.S. at the retail chain BEST BUY.

ONE FOR ALL on Silvercat Records, distributed by Sony/Red, is an autobiographical collection featuring Criss’ self-penned tunes, in addition to several cover songs and tribute songs to his fans, that reflect his outlook on life at this point in his long-standing career. In addition to arranging and writing the lyrics and melodies for most of the material on the CD, ONE FOR ALL is the first fully self-produced CD by Criss. He was also joined by longtime friends and acclaimed musicians – bandleader Paul Shaffer and bassist Will Lee, as well as guitarist Mike McLaughlin.

ONE FOR ALL will feature the following tracks: One For All, Doesn’t Get Better Than This, Last Night, What a Difference a Day Makes, Hope, Faces in the Crowd, Send in the Clowns, Falling All Over Again, Whisper, Heart Behind Hands, Memories and Space Ace.

Current playlist

Here’s the last ten albums I’ve listened to:

  • American Angel – Vanity (2007)
  • Jeff Scott Soto – Live At The Gods Festival 2002 (2003)
  • Saga – Worlds Apart (1982)
  • KISS – Peter Criss (1978)
  • Q5 – Steel The Light (1984)
  • Def Leppard – On Through The Night (1980)
  • Iron Maiden – Iron Maiden (1980)
  • Tygers Of Pan Tang – Wild Cat (1980)
  • Samson – Head On (1980)
  • Saxon – Wheels Of Steel (1980)

Anyone see a trend with the last five albums? I’ve been listening to a little NWOBHM lately, comparing top bands and their releases. I’ve been focusing on debuts but the Saxon and Samson albums are actually sophomore efforts.

What have you been listening to lately?

Shuffle Mode – 6/24/07

Tale Of The Tape:
Dell DJ 30 (1st gen)
3138 songs (265 full albums) 

(I solemnly swear that I will upload more albums to my player so the Tale Of The Tape will change.)

As I wrote my concert rant, I put the headphones on, hit SHUFFLE, and Rocked! Here’s the first 25 songs (band-song-album):

  1. Saxon – ‘Motorcycle Man’ – Wheels Of Steel
  2. Running Wild – ‘The Rivalry’ – The Rivalry
  3. Scorpions – ‘Don’t Believe Her’ – Crazy World
  4. Saxon – ‘20,000 Ft.’ – Strong Arm Of The Law
  5. Iron Maiden – ‘Invaders’ – The Number Of The Beast
  6. Judas Priest – ‘White Heat, Red Hot’ – Stained Class
  7. KISS – ‘I Pledge Allegiance To The State Of Rock & Roll’ – Psycho Circus
  8. Judas Priest – ‘Ram It Down’ – Ram It Down
  9. Dio – ‘The Last In Line’ – The Last In Line
  10. Def Leppard – ‘Rocks Off’ – On Through The Night
  11. Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers – ‘Free Fallin’ – Greatest Hits
  12. Black Sabbath – ‘Spiral Architect’ – Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
  13. Dio – ‘Just Another Day’ – Sacred Heart
  14. Dio – ‘Evilution’ – Strange Highways
  15. Alice Cooper – ‘Long Way To Go’ – Love It To Death
  16. UFO – ‘Can You Roll Her’ – No Heavy Petting
  17. KISS – ‘I’m A Legend Tonight’ – Killers
  18. MSG – ‘Tell A Story’ – Tales Of Rock’n’Roll
  19. Royal Hunt – ‘Clown In The Mirror’ – 1996 Live
  20. Queensryche – ‘The Needle Lies’ – Operation: Mindcrime
  21. KISS – ‘Move On’ – Paul Stanley
  22. Quiet Riot – ‘Slick Black Cadillac’ – Metal Health
  23. Trans-Siberian Orchestra – ‘Find Our Way Home’ – The Christmas Attic
  24. Def Leppard – ‘Love And Affection’ – Hysteria
  25. Krokus – ‘Bad Boys, Rag Dolls’ – Fire & Gasoline Live

Bonus Track: Allen-Lande – ‘Ask You Anyway’ – The Battle

My concert days might be over…

It’s true, I’m considering not attending concerts anymore. I still love the music and the thrill of seeing good bands live, it’s just that the state of the concert industry is leaving a sour taste in my mouth.

I started going to shows in 1986 at age 13. My first concert was Aerosmith, with Ted Nugent opening, at the Providence Civic Center. My friend’s older brother cut school to call Ticketmaster so six of us could see the big Aerosmith reunion. (For those who forgot, Aerosmith reunited in 1985 and released DONE WITH MIRRORS.) The tickets were bought in ’85 but the concert wasn’t until March 1986, they cost $15 ($13.50 + $1.50 Ticketmaster charge). The night of the show I had $50: $15 for the ticket, $15 for a t-shirt, $10 for a program, $5 for Burger King and the last fiver was chipped in for gas and the beer we drank afterward. We thought we were kings that night!

Those days are gone. Not the good times, they are still there. The problem is the PRICES, FEES, and the QUALITY!

Throughout my teenage years, I went to all the big shows: KISS, Bon Jovi, Motley Crue, Van Halen, and countless others. As I grew older, I started venturing to the theaters, clubs and bars. It was very rare to be disappointed by a band live and wish you hadn’t paid the money.

I saw the KISS Reunion Tour in 1996 at the Fleet Center in Boston, MA for $50. We had four seats a couple rows above the floor, one section over from the V.I.P. area. Members of Aerosmith, Extreme, Cheap Trick and Boston were all in the V.I.P. area…..it was a cool experience. At that time, $50 for a ticket was big money. Add all the souveneirs I bought and beer I drank and I spent close to $250 but it was something special! This was a once in a lifetime experience…..at the time. I could justify the price because I got the best show I ever saw, I justified those prices three more times that tour!

In the following years, I’ve paid as high as $100 for a single ticket to a show. It’s crazy to some people but Music is my hobby and live shows have always been a part of it. I’ve seen almost every band I’ve ever liked live in concert. Each show was an enjoyable experience and a good memory.

So where am I going with this?

Next Saturday (June 30) is the almost annual Poison tour stop (with Ratt & Vains Of Jenna) in Mansfield, MA at the Tweeter Center. I’ve seen Poison every summer since the reunited back in 1999, I even travelled with a buddy to Pittsburgh to see the show weeks before it came to my area. The problem is that I’ve been disappointed with the show every year since 1999. Not with the openers, but with Poison. There set is usually the same with very few surprises every year and it has seemed like they have gone through the motions while co-headliners like Cinderella brought the house down and openers like Quiet Riot had a hungry attitude. Poison purists may not like to hear this but they have been blown away by opening bands the last few summers.

Every year, I bitch that the show didn’t justify the ticket price. This year the prices are: $45, $35, & $25. Not bad, very affordable, but a look at the setlists so far for Poison are less than stellar and the major reason for going is to hear Ratt and check out Vains Of Jenna. Now you may be asking: “Why are you complaining about a ticket for $25?” The reason is that $25 ticket turns into a $45 ticket when the Ticketmaster convenience fee and facility fee is added. Now I don’t mind the three bucks for the facility fee, I average ten visits to the Tweeter Center a year, if the fee helps with the upkeep and customer service, I’ll pay it. A $17 Ticketmaster fee is just crazy! So I’m not going because Poison has disappointed and the fees make the tickets too pricey.

It doesn’t stop with Poison. I got the LiveNation email regarding the second leg of the Heaven & Hell North American Tour. It had the presale information and password so I logged on this past Thursday to score a single seat. Highest price was $65. Now that’s a justifiable price considering 1) I saw an excellent show when they played Mohegan Sun Casino and 2) Alice Cooper and Queensryche are the openers. So I pull up a ticket, very good seat, and I proceed to checkout: $65 ticket, $3 facility fee, and a $19 Ticketmaster convenience fee = $87. I cancelled the order. I want to really see this show but I can’t justify the Ticketmaster fee being almost a third of the ticket price! I just saw the Heaven & Hell show last month so it’s still fresh in my mind, I go to see Alice every year around Halloween at Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut and I’ve seen Queensryche at least six times. I’m trying to find reasons to warrant not buying the ticket. I’m finally frustrated with a system that is obviously overcharging and inflating ticket prices.

But there are more questions:

I’ve seen all these bands before, am I going to miss anything? It’s a great bill, can the price be justified by the talent? Will that extra twenty dollars make or break my financial well being? Will I cave in and buy a ticket?

These are all questions I can’t answer…..yet.

KISSology Volume 2 DVD details and information from sell sheets

From KISSFAQ.com:

KISSology 2 Sell Sheet #1   KISSology 2 Sell Sheet #2

(Click the thumbnail for larger version, then click the larger version for a closer look.)

These two sell sheets for the KISSology Vol. 2 DVD has some interesting and important KISStoric events: the Tom Snyder interview, KISS Meets the Phantom movie (Euro version), the Sydney show from 1980, the Rio show from 1983…..some good stuff there!

I would have preferred to see the band focus more from the solo albums thru Creatures and then do #3 on the non-makeup years. It’s safe to say that KISSology 3 is probably a Reunion to present DVD set.

I hope KISS continues to make KISSology DVDs of full concerts, that’s what I’d really like to see. For now, I’m extremely happy to have KISSology 1 and I’ll be getting KISSology 2 the day it’s out.

—- Steve

KISSology Volume 2 DVD – August 14, 2007 release date

Very exciting news! Seems that the release date for KISSology Volume 2 is set for August 14, 2007. Fontana Distribution announced the date and primary details: 3 DVDs covering the 1978-1992 era of the band. No extras were announced.

KISSology Volume 2 cover

What makes this more special to me is that this set gets released on my vacation AND two days before my 35th birthday! I guess you all know what I will be treating myself to this year. I just hope I won’t have to run to three different stores to buy three different versions like I did with Volume 1.

CD Scavenger Hunt – “Father’s Day Edition” – 6/17/07

I haven’t really been out on the hunt for a while, CD money has had to be spent on things for the house. I always keep a list of bands, albums, and new releases by the computer so my kids grabbed it and picked out my Father’s Day present.

Saga - Worlds Apart Revisited (2CD/2DVD) (2007)

Saga – Worlds Apart Revisited (2 CD/2 DVD) (2007) – $20: I have to say that my bargain hunting skills and savvy are rubbing off on my nine year old daughter. She palmed my list, found the last entry (Saga), and searched online. Turns out she found the best price down the road at the local record store. My wife took the kids in and my oldest went right to work. I admit, I’m a very proud Dad. Especially when I heard she got frustrated with the 20-something behind the counter who had never heard of Saga. From what I understand, she proceeded to recite some Saga history (that she got off the Net) until my wife cut her off. Something about sounding too much like her father? Not sure what that means, LOL!

I ended up with the limited edition 2 CD/2 DVD package of Saga’s 2005 performance in Switzerland of the classic ’82 record, WORLDS APART, complete with band history from the classic era. Saga is an excellent Canadian Prog Rock band that had a decent hit with ‘On The Loose’ back in 1982. I didn’t really get into the band back then but I did like the song and video. I started revisiting the band’s catalog in the last few years. Sadly, vocalist Michael Sadler, has retired from the band after 30 years.

More info can be found at MichaelSadler.com , Saga’s official website and Saga-World.

Jeff Scott Soto no longer Journey singer!

From Andrew at Melodicrock.com:

Press Release / June 12, 2007 — Journey has parted ways with their recently named lead singer Jeff Scott Soto. Jeff s first appearance with Journey was July 7, 2006 in Bristow, VA. He had been filling in for Steve Augeri, who had to leave the tour shortly after it began on June 23 due to illness. Jeff s last performance was May 12, 2007 in Leesburg, VA.
According to guitarist Neal Schon, “We appreciate all of Jeff s hard work and we can t thank him enough for stepping in when Steve Augeri got sick last year. He did a tremendous job for us and we wish him the best. We’ve just decided to go our separate ways, no pun intended. We re plotting our next move now.”
Keyboardist Jonathan Cain continues, “We were lucky to have a friend who was already a Journey fan step in on a moment s notice during the Def Leppard tour to help us out. Jeff was always the consummate professional and we hope that he remains a friend of the band in the future. We just felt it was time to go in a different direction.”
JourneyNeal Schon (guitar), Ross Valory (bass), Jonathan Cain (keyboards) and Deen Castronovo (drums) is taking the rest of 2007 off to spend time with their families, write new songs and map out plans for 2008.

Comment from me? Where does one start? Right now I am too disappointed to comment, but I guess Neal and Jon have a different vision for Journey than that of Jeff Scott Soto.And no…Steve Perry is not returning to the band.


This is a huge shock for me. I saw the Def Leppard/Journey show last summer and JSS at the mic for Journey was a true highlight. JSS put on a great performance and the band seemed to have a new energy. The pairing seemed like a natural relationship and JSS even put Talisman on hold due to future committments with Journey. I have to agree with Andrew…..this is a MAJOR disappointment! Obviously, this breakup will trigger rumors of Steve Perry coming back into the band. I doubt it but the rumors will persist. Stay tuned on this one, more info as it’s released, I’d like to hear more on this.

— Steve

Ebay Madness – Prism, Vera Cruz, King Diamond and more

Prism - Jericho auction

Prism – Jericho (1993) starting bid at $2990.00!
No this didn’t sell, the seller actually ended it before bids were taken. No CD is worth almost $3000 and the seller made a mistake in the listing. I just found this interesting because Ebay would have charged the seller a huge auction price to list this album at $2990 and I’m surprised the seller didn’t catch it. Even by ending it early, he is still on the hook. Interested parties can check out the relisted auction for $29.90…..which is still too high!

Vera Cruz at $353.55

Vera Cruz – Hot Games (1989) sells for $353.55!
I’ve featured this one before and it went for $400. This was the first ever Ebay Madness listing! Started at $9.99 and had 28 bids, seems like a hot commodity. The artwork is decent but this is another case of an over-hyped rarity.

Damzell - Ready To Attack

Damzell – Ready To Attack (1989) sells for $128.50!
Not much background to this release. Debut album by Damzell, a Japanese Metal band. They have another record, 1992’s WAR SONGS, which is as equally hard to find. Bidding started at $100.

Know Illusion - Back On The Streets (1994)

Know Illusion – Back On The Streets (1994) ends at $119.67!
No surprise here as this is a highly sought after disc by many collectors. It’s a mix of AOR and Melodic Hard Rock, I’ve heard a sample of the title track and it sounded real good. There was talk of a reissue about a year ago but I haven’t heard anything since.

King Diamond - Fatal Portrait auction

King Diamond – Fatal Portrait (1986, Japanese pressing) stops at $116.49!
Why bother when you can get the U.S. version for under $10? I realize Japanese pressings have better sound quality but 11 bids from a $9.99 start? My CD sounds great and I got it used for five bucks!

Kid Sin - Sleazy rippin’ (1994)

Kid Sin – Sleazy Rippin’ (1994) is final at $114.05!
Not much on this band either. Described as “sleazy hard rock” and compared to Poison, Skid Row, & GNR. Started at $40 and got up to 10 bids so this seems to be popular and rare for collectors.

Hard Knox - Psychos R Us (1993)

Hard Knox – Psychos R Us (1993) ends using BUY IT NOW for $99.99!
Just so we get this straight…..there are two bands named Hard Knox but this is NOT the band that released 2002’s Combat Alley from Knoxville, TN. This band is from Utah and I have read rave reviews for years on this album. This has gone for big dollars on Ebay, I’ve watched this climb to $200 on a couple of occasions. The cover is cool so I’d like to hear it. I had to feature this CD because the seller is from Rhode Island!

Sonic X – Thirteen (2007)

Sonic X - Thirteen (2007)

Sonic X – Thirteen (2007, Chavis Records)

  1. Crawl
  2. Wicked
  3. Carried Away
  4. If Only
  5. My Condition
  6. Alive
  7. Seeds Of Thunder
  8. Evident
  9. Shine
  10. Disgrace
  11. Breathe
  12. Signs


Band Lineup:
Adam Troy – Vocals
Lawrence Falcomer – Guitars
Joseph Cumbo – Bass
Michael Marquez – Drums

Total Time – 57:37

Sonic X official website
Sonic X MySpace page

Sonic X has just released their second album, THIRTEEN, on Chavis Records and they have unleashed a Hard Rock fury on American shores. Based in Toronto, Canada, these rockers from North of the border write some very catchy Hard Rock songs.  There’s a late ’80s/eraly ’90s Hard Rock vibe to the record but it is definitely has a modern sound. Bands like Union, Bon Jovi, Skid Row, and White Lion come to mind when comparing but with a more aggressive vocal and a raw edge to the playing. The raw edge doesn’t mean bad musicianship, quite the opposite really, it’s more that the band plays to capture the audience. The music is melodic, catchy, and hard. The guitar is clearly heard thoughout, displaying some meaty riffs and intricate solos…..something bands today are starting to focus on more.

‘Crawl’ starts the record with a pounding drum and guitar combo and vocalist Adam Troy kicks in with a John Corabi-style vocal. He has the same type of grit that Corabi has but a bit higher register. ‘Wicked’ reminds me of harder Union mixed with Audioslave. Definitely a harder groove than ‘Crawl’, the vocals fitting the raw sound but they are better come the chorus with the backing vocals. Inspired solo, sounds like a track that’s being played live.

I like the hook and melody of ‘Carried Away’, especially the big backing vocals on the chorus. The guitar sound is straight out of the ’80s, crisp and clear. Very nice track, would sound great on current Rock radio stations. ‘If Only’ starts out slow with a calm guitar intro and slowly builds into the chorus. A change of pace from the first three rockers and it is done well. The song being guided by the guitar, retaining power with the drums crashing, but then falling back to the slower pace. Another great vocal performance by Adam Troy, showing that he can sing more than fast Rock tunes. The song ends with a guitar solo, something that defies the current trends.

‘My Condition’ is a heavy Bon Jovi style song. At times, Adam Troy sounds a bit like Jon Bon Jovi with that raspy delivery. It’s another good song with melodic guitar and solid harmonies. If Bon Jovi released this as their new single, it would top the charts. The chorus is catchy, has me singing right along. ‘Alive’ is another heavy guitar track with another solid vocal. The harmonies are great, as is the solo, but this song hasn’t grabbed me right away like the previous ones did, a grower for me.

‘Seeds Of Thunder’ would be a great radio track, it just sounds big. The drums are huge on this song and I like the underlying acoustic guitar with the layered electric. That always gives a song more depth. Sounds like another song influenced by Bon Jovi. ‘Evident’ has a smooth vocal, different than the rest of the album. Once the guitar kicks in the chorus, the song takes off, the rest of the time it sounds confined. I like the acoustic Country Rock ballad, ‘Shine’. Definitely another song worth radio play. It’s not even a ballad…..more like a slower song with a groove. Probably my favorite song on the album.

‘Disgrace’ is another hard rocker with an aggressive sounding vocal. It’s almost Alternative in nature. Not my favorite song on the album but I really like the bass and drums on this one. The soft guitar intro to ‘Breathe’ really brings the band back to more ’80s inspired music. This is a ballad with a bit of an edge courtesy of Falcomer’s guitarwork. ‘Breathe’ would have been huge in 1989 and definitely has an audience in 2007 for people who actually like melodic songs. Another winner.

Ending the album is ‘Signs’. It’s mid-tempo and has a good main riff that chugs right along. Troy’s raspy vocal reminds me of Mike Tramp (White Lion) from his solo work. This song clocks in at seven minutes plus and lets the band stretch out musically. Solid playing all around, Sonic X displaying that they are a cohesive unit. At the five minute mark, the song goes straight to an acoustic interlude followed by a quick keyboard strike. Silence ensues for fifteen seconds before the band kicks in again to a Hard Rock instrumental that wraps up the song.

Bottom Line:
Sonic X hits hard with THIRTEEN, mixing Hard Rock from the ’80s with today’s musical trends. Great musicianship from all the members and a strong vocal performance from Adam Troy, who shows he can pull off some different styles. The band performs well, the songs are well written, and there is a catchiness to the music that makes the listener pay attention. Lawrence Falcomer’s guitarwork really hits the mark showing that bands today should actually PLAY their instrument rather than bang away at it. Favorite songs here: ‘Crawl’, ‘Carried Away’, ‘Shine’, ‘Seeds Of Thunder’ and ‘Breathe’. All in all, a solid album by a band to watch closely…..THIRTEEN is a great listen.

Thanks to Lori at Chavis Records for bringing Sonic X to my attention and providing me with the materials to write this review.