Jeff Scott Soto no longer Journey singer!

From Andrew at

Press Release / June 12, 2007 — Journey has parted ways with their recently named lead singer Jeff Scott Soto. Jeff s first appearance with Journey was July 7, 2006 in Bristow, VA. He had been filling in for Steve Augeri, who had to leave the tour shortly after it began on June 23 due to illness. Jeff s last performance was May 12, 2007 in Leesburg, VA.
According to guitarist Neal Schon, “We appreciate all of Jeff s hard work and we can t thank him enough for stepping in when Steve Augeri got sick last year. He did a tremendous job for us and we wish him the best. We’ve just decided to go our separate ways, no pun intended. We re plotting our next move now.”
Keyboardist Jonathan Cain continues, “We were lucky to have a friend who was already a Journey fan step in on a moment s notice during the Def Leppard tour to help us out. Jeff was always the consummate professional and we hope that he remains a friend of the band in the future. We just felt it was time to go in a different direction.”
JourneyNeal Schon (guitar), Ross Valory (bass), Jonathan Cain (keyboards) and Deen Castronovo (drums) is taking the rest of 2007 off to spend time with their families, write new songs and map out plans for 2008.

Comment from me? Where does one start? Right now I am too disappointed to comment, but I guess Neal and Jon have a different vision for Journey than that of Jeff Scott Soto.And no…Steve Perry is not returning to the band.


This is a huge shock for me. I saw the Def Leppard/Journey show last summer and JSS at the mic for Journey was a true highlight. JSS put on a great performance and the band seemed to have a new energy. The pairing seemed like a natural relationship and JSS even put Talisman on hold due to future committments with Journey. I have to agree with Andrew…..this is a MAJOR disappointment! Obviously, this breakup will trigger rumors of Steve Perry coming back into the band. I doubt it but the rumors will persist. Stay tuned on this one, more info as it’s released, I’d like to hear more on this.

— Steve

22 comments on “Jeff Scott Soto no longer Journey singer!

  1. I am fairly disappointed by this announcement as well. I was hoping this would be Soto’s time to shine, and finally become the household name he deserves to be. It makes me wonder if there is more to this message than meets the eye.

  2. I’m MAJORLY disappointed. :( Is it April Fools or what? So Jeff, what’s next? Whatever it is, I’m sure it will be phenomenal and you know you have a lifetime fan and friend in me.

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  4. Rob – I’m still a little shocked by this announcement, I figured that since Schon and Soto had a band together (Soul Sirkus) recently, that it would only be natural JSS come aboard. Maybe there’s a contractual agreement with Steve Augeri, maybe Perry might come back, who knows? Andrew at has personal connections to Journey and JSS so he will probably be breaking any further news.

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  6. What a joke! Jeff was the best thing that happened to this band since Steve Perry sang the repertoire, and I’m guessing that Jeff’s brilliant stage presence and phenomenal voice was overshadowing a few people with large egos. They should have embraced the fact that they found the best person for the job and run with it, give the band a new direction, new vision…but no….they will not find a guy like JSS, end of story!

  7. What a shock! I was at that first show when Jeff filled in–only later to become Journey’s “official” lead singer–and he was, of course, outstanding. It’s been the first time in years that Journey sounded like a full band again.

    There must be some good reason behind this. It’s odd that Jeff’s first and last (?) shows as official lead singer were within about 20 miles of each other in northern Virginia!

    — david

  8. Read this news last Thursday, to say I’m gutted is an understatement.I saw the band live last March in Cardiff and they were phenomenal, Jeff vocals and stage presence were like a breath of fresh air to the band and gave them a new lease of life. What the hell are the band playing at???
    How can they honestly think this is a change for the better, first they s##t on Augeri and now Jeff, screw you Journey.

  9. Maybe Jeff was just too powerful for Journey to keep up with. I dunno. It is pretty befuddling that it happened so quickly. I smell bad internal chemistry.

  10. Mike – Your right. Perry would be the right move but he’s not going to do it.

    Aml – Have to agree. I saw the show in Mansfield and JSS just let it all hang out. The guy was great, the band was clicking, and I thought this was the strongest I’d seen Journey in the last few years.

    David – I think we are all a little shocked and I can’t wait to see what happens and find out why. Rumors are out that they want a Perry clone and the guys don’t want to do new material. We’ll have to see. At least JSS can continue Talisman and his solo career.

    Rob W. – Some long time Journey fans feel the same way you do. Only a Perry reunion will suffice to make this right but that won’t happen.

    Ray – There had to be some sort of positive chemistry because JSS and Schon had the Soul Sirkus band/album a couple of years ago. Not sure what the deal is but I can’t wait to see what happens next. JSS comes out better IMO, he gained a whole new set of fans with the Journey tour.

  11. I really don’t care about JSS leaving Journey. I think he fits better in more rock oriented stuff. I also don’t care one bit that S. Perry is not back in Journey and probably never will again. I think guys like Kevin Chalfant or Fran Cosmo are far better men for this job.

  12. I hope that Steve Perry does return to Journey. Having him come back right now, would be perfect timing for Journey. They may never come back as big as they once were, but it is also VERY possible that they could. I for one would be super extatic!!! I think Steve Perry’s comeback to Journey would be HUGE!!!$$$$$!!!!!!!$$$!!!
    I would be in the audience, that is for sure. I’ve never even heard any Journey songs without Perry in them. To me, HE is the VOICE of Journey and always will be. Steve (Perry) PLEASE COME BACK!!!!!!! I have only had the good fortune of attending one Journey concert as a teenager. PLEASE come back, and I will come and I’ll bring my teenage daughters, whom also have become Journey fans. I wouldn’t even care if he had to rock and roll in a wheelchair, You would still make so many fans very happy. We miss you Steve and WANT you back!!!!

  13. finally JOURNEY band members woke up.
    who cares about stage presence.JSS is not
    THE journey sound.perryand augeri is but the band has already pissed these guys off.good luck
    finding a STEVE A or P clone

  14. check out my site… this is from whom the next Journey frontman voice should come, in my humble yet confident opinion :-) …jim

  15. Let me say Jeff was not Journey material……..Steve A. was perfect for the job and all of us doubters fell in love with him over the years. Bring back one of the 2 Steves or let sleeping dogs lie.

    End of Story.

  16. I have been a Journey fan from the early days in San Francisco and the South Bay. Augeri added another dimension to their sound AND stage presence that made them such a fun band to see. I would love to know what Neal and Chris’ vision is of the “Journey Machine”.

  17. I agree on the side of those who felt Steve A was “the man”. He had far more talent going for him and is quite the guitarist! I have seen journey both once with Steve A and then with JSS. While JSS provided more energy on stage by running around, that to me was neither Steve P or Steve A’s persona. What’s more, he fails to sing the great ballads of the 80’s, he is far to rough edged for this band. I can only hope either Steve makes a return to stage with one of the best bands ever!

  18. I dunno, am I the only one that thinks Journey should’ve called it quits YEARS AGO? I was willing to give Steve A. a shot at one time but then they found this Soto guy and it was like “Ok, you,re out you’re in”. Who the hell makes these decisions and then crams it down the throat of the fans? You’re all witnessing and being a party to a bunch of corporate business decisions from a few egotistical idiots who are living in a world of nostalgia and don’t know enough to let something of enduring beauty and memory and just leave it alone to stand the test of time and move on. There’s too many classic bands out there that follow this new formula of new lineups and it is just too much. Kiss, Styx, Journey, Sabbath, etc… and you know this sounds cynical but it is about MONEY, it’s not about the fans anymore and I am sorry but I find it insulting. Ross Valory was in a great band called The Storm and he let that group go to go back to what… this? Journey will always be PERRY, Schon, Caine, Valory and Smith PERIOD. What you have here is a shadow of their former selves that has taken a once great band and belittled it into a nostalgia show and that is truly sad. Whats next? High profile birthday parties???? Same goes for all those other classiv bands I mentioned. Stop buying into this garbage people.

  19. Jeff Scott Soto flat out sucked as Journey’s singer. He couldn’t hit the high notes to save his life, and his voice would always crack. Even his stage presence sucked. And you could tell by watching the other members of Journey on stage that they just weren’t digging Soto’s performances.

    Other than maybe the Soul SirkUS cd, nothing else Soto has ever done is really worth the money.

    Journey are way better off with the new guy.

  20. what a shame jeff is a pure voice. i suppose that some members of the group cold not handle his energetic performance my goodness he had to share the spotlight with malmsteen. that means the other guys in the group needed to step up their game. i saw journey and def leppard jeff put on the best performence.

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