CD Scavenger Hunt – “Father’s Day Edition” – 6/17/07

I haven’t really been out on the hunt for a while, CD money has had to be spent on things for the house. I always keep a list of bands, albums, and new releases by the computer so my kids grabbed it and picked out my Father’s Day present.

Saga - Worlds Apart Revisited (2CD/2DVD) (2007)

Saga – Worlds Apart Revisited (2 CD/2 DVD) (2007) – $20: I have to say that my bargain hunting skills and savvy are rubbing off on my nine year old daughter. She palmed my list, found the last entry (Saga), and searched online. Turns out she found the best price down the road at the local record store. My wife took the kids in and my oldest went right to work. I admit, I’m a very proud Dad. Especially when I heard she got frustrated with the 20-something behind the counter who had never heard of Saga. From what I understand, she proceeded to recite some Saga history (that she got off the Net) until my wife cut her off. Something about sounding too much like her father? Not sure what that means, LOL!

I ended up with the limited edition 2 CD/2 DVD package of Saga’s 2005 performance in Switzerland of the classic ’82 record, WORLDS APART, complete with band history from the classic era. Saga is an excellent Canadian Prog Rock band that had a decent hit with ‘On The Loose’ back in 1982. I didn’t really get into the band back then but I did like the song and video. I started revisiting the band’s catalog in the last few years. Sadly, vocalist Michael Sadler, has retired from the band after 30 years.

More info can be found at , Saga’s official website and Saga-World.

5 comments on “CD Scavenger Hunt – “Father’s Day Edition” – 6/17/07

  1. Here’s some useless Saga trivia for you…

    In Friday the 13th Part IV, when Crispin Glover puts on the album at the party and dances like a real dweeb, that’s Saga playing.

  2. I really enjoy Saga’s two hits from this album (at least the ones I recall), “On the Loose” and “Wind Him Up.” Both are very, very good for the time.

    Ray: Now THAT’s trivia.

    — david

  3. David – ‘Wind Him Up’ is good too. That was actually the first single off the album. They are dated though.

    Ray – Nice trivia there, I’ll have to pop the DVD in to see it.

  4. I will have to put that dvd on too to check that out ray.
    Steve, great to have a family brother. Anyway, i always liked that album too by SAGA (even if they are a little to soft for me) but i dont know if i am going to buy that REVISTED edition you are talking about. If i can get some extra money then yes.

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