Paul Stanley hospitalized with a “cardiac event” prior to the Soboba Casino show. KISS performs as a trio.


From KISSFAQ (July 27):

Paul Stanley was taken ill prior to KISS’ show at Soboba Casino Arena in San Jacinto, CA, tonight. With Paul apparently hospitalized KISS performed as a trio with a Gene Simmons set:

Cold Gin
Calling Dr. Love
Christeen Sixteen
Nothin’ To Lose (Eric Singer lead vocals)
I Love It Loud
Goin’ Blind
Watchin’ You
Bass Solo (Gene spits blood)
God Of Thunder (w/ Eric Singer Drum Solo)
Let Me Go, Rock ‘N Roll
Black Diamond (Eric Singer lead vocals)
Rock And Roll All Nite

This is KISS’ first performance as a trio – the 1982 appearance without Ace was lip-synched and not a concert, though several times through-out KISStory Gene and Paul have covered for each other when they’ve had vocal issues – most notably Osaka ’97. Additionally, Paul, who was suffering from heat exhaustion sat out a couple of songs during the West Palm Beach show in 2004…

KISSFAQ Says: Hope Paul is OK. Good job Gene, Eric, and Tommy!

Also from KISSFAQ (July 28):

It’s now being reported that Paul Stanley’s absence from last night’s KISS show was the result of a “cardiac event,” rather than the initially suggested throat problems. Furthermore, it was Paul who insisted that the show go on. Whatever the circumstances surrounding the show, the only thing that has any importance whatsoever is Paul’s health. This has nothing to do with him being the heart and soul of KISS, but him being a human being, father, husband, son. The KISSFAQ wishes him a speedy and full recovery.

From (July 28):

Last night an extraordinary page was written in KISSTORY. At the Soboba Casino in San Jacinto, California, last stop of the band’s 2007 ‘Hit & Run’ mini Tour, KISS performed as a TRIO for the first time ever. Immediately following the band’s sound check, Paul Stanley suddenly fell ill, with what was later determined to be a “cardiac event”.Once it was determined by emergency medical staff that Paul could not perform, there was talk that the show would need to be canceled. It was Paul himself, who insisted that the band play the show without him. Paul was concerned that fans had traveled long distances and because of the band’s individual schedules the show could not be rescheduled.KISS Manager Doc McGhee then took the stage to announce to the crowd that Paul was sick and unable to perform but that Gene wanted to speak with the fans. Gene asked the audience if they wanted him, Tommy & Eric to perform. The crowd responded with a defeaning chant of yes, yes, yes. With that, Gene announced that the concert (If they could pull it off), was a tribute to “The Greatest Voice in Rock and Roll – Rock God Paul Stanley”.With Paul en route to the hospital – Gene,Tommy and Eric played their hearts out in honor of their stricken leader! The set list evolved as the night progressed and KISS blasted their way into the hot night air – valiantly trying to hold it together minus the band’s heart & soul. In an emotionally charged moment, Gene told the crowd that he was an only child, but nevertheless had a brother – Paul Stanley! ‘Christine Sixteen’ brought 11 invited fans onto the stage to help perform the song, and added a bit of lighthearted fun to the pensive night.The trio went on to perform a full set including classics and rarities – ‘Watchin’ You’, ‘Goin’ Blind’, ‘Nothing to Lose’, ‘Black Diamond’, ‘Cold Gin’, ‘She’, and ‘Parasite’. The sold out arena was filled with dedicated fans who appreciated what a unique night this really was, despite its bittersweet nature, and rocked hard & loud. As the final chords of ‘Rock & Roll All Night’ were struck, and the last jets of flames and confetti shot into the night sky, everyone realized what they had just witnessed was simply great music performed by dedicated, extraordinary musicians who really gave it their all, and then some.Another thing every KISS fan at the show last night realized – is just how lucky we are that our favorite band, led by the greatest front man in Rock N Roll PAUL STANLEY, cares so much for us fans!

Get well soon Paul – we all love you!

From (July 28):

During sound check yesterday, my heart spontaneously jumped to 190 plus beats per minute where it stayed for over an hour necessitating paramedics to start an IV and give me a shot to momentarily stop my heart and get it into a normal pattern. Not knowing if this episode was life threatening made it even more exhausting. After consulting with both the paramedics and a cardiologist at Cedar Sinai, they confirmed my worst fear. They said that I would put myself at risk if I tried to do the show.I’m very proud of Gene, Tommy and Eric for carrying on without me. I apologize to anyone I disappointed and I’ll make it up to you when I see you again.Paul. 
If you’ve read this blog long enough, then you know that KISS is my favorite band and they have been a big part of my life since I was 5 years old. I hadn’t been online much the last few days and, when I read the news this morning, I was floored. Granted, I don’t know Paul Stanley but the man has been a part of my daily routine through his music. To me, Paul is the glue that has always held KISS together. He is the true band leader on stage and off and prefers to let his talents do the talking, unlike his partner. If anything ever happened to Paul, KISS would be truly over.That said, I’m glad to read that Paul Stanley is doing much better and recovering nicely. Get well soon!I’d also like to give Gene, Eric, and Tommy credit as well. From all the reports I read online today, the concert went on (at Paul’s request) and the trio performed very well for the audience and for Paul.

Here’s hoping that all is well in the KISS Kamp soon!

— Steve

CD Scavenger Hunt – “Peter Criss Edition” – 7/24/07

I was outside the local Best Buy at 9:30am waiting for the doors to open so I could buy….. 

Peter Criss – One For All (2007) – $13: Today was the big day, Peter Criss released his first solo album since 1982, titled ONE FOR ALL. For a KISS diehard like myself, any original material from any KISS member or alumni is very important! Peter struck a deal with Best Buy to have a signed limited edition of the CD in stock marked with a gold sticker. And it is! Not a fake print but an actual Sharpie penned autograph by the Catman himself!

I went to the local record shop down the block to check on the Peter Criss CDs, I wanted to see if theirs were the autographed limited edition. Never found out because they sold their only copy when the doors opened. At least Best Buy had 10 copies displayed.

Total – $13

Shuffle Mode – “Weekend Off Edition” – 7/22/07

Tale Of The Tape:
Dell DJ 30 (1st gen)
3436 songs (288 full albums) – Still haven’t used half the memory.

I listened to a lot of CDs up in the music room this weekend but I did have to show my face downstairs at some point. So I took my Dell DJ with me and did what I had to do with one earpiece in. First 25 songs (band-song-year):

  1. Allen-Lande – ‘Truth About Our Time’ – 2005
  2. Alice Cooper – ‘School’s Out’ – 1972
  3. Iron Maiden – ‘Gangland’ – 1982
  4. Running Wild – ‘Poisoned Blood’ – 1994
  5. Black Sabbath – ‘Wishing Well’ – 1980
  6. Westworld – ‘Suicide’ – 1999
  7. Quiet Riot – ‘Itchycoo Park’ – 1993
  8. Black Sabbath – ‘I Witness’ – 1994
  9. UFO – ‘Fool’s Gold’ – 2000
  10. Saxon – ‘Street Fighting Gang’ – 1980
  11. Scorpions – ‘Du Bist So Schmutzig’ – 1999
  12. Axe – ‘Sting Of The Rain’ – 1997
  13. Vinnie Vincent Invasion – ‘Deeper And Deeper’ – 1988
  14. Black ‘n Blue – ‘Best In The West’ – 1986
  15. Def Leppard – ‘White Lightning’ – 1992
  16. KISS – ‘Sweet Pain’ – 1976
  17. Iron Maiden – ‘Powerslave’ – 1984
  18. Autograph – ‘More Than A Million Times’ – 1987
  19. KISS – King Of The Mountain’ – 1985
  20. Dio – ‘Blood From A Stone’ – 1993
  21. Rush – ‘We Hold On’ – 2007
  22. REO Speedwagon – ‘Another Lifetime’ – 2007
  23. Jag Panzer – ‘Burning Heart’ – 1998
  24. Surrender – ‘One Tough City’ – 1991 (2005 reissue)
  25. Twisted Sister – ‘Silver Bells’ – 2006

Bonus Track: Saxon – ‘Iron Wheels’ – 1993

Weekend playlist

Nothing beats a weekend off when Saturday and Sunday is a part of your weekly grind. We had planned to do a nice cookout in the backyard…..Christmas in July. We had the palm tree made of Xmas lights, the food, the Holiday music but our friends and family all had plans. We found out days in advance so we planned a slumber party for my daughter with her best friend. Basically, I hid upstairs in the music room.

Now you all may laugh but, in between episodes from BEVERLY HILLS 90210 Season 1 DVD, I listened to a lot of music. I pulled out a lot of Great White and it’s been a very long time since I listened to them since the fire.

  • Great White – Back To The Rhythm (2007): The new album was just released this past Tuesday, I think it’s very good. I’ll have a review this week.
  • Great White – Sail Away (1994): This is my favorite album by the band. It’s a nice slower bluesy acoutical record, not what you would expect from a Hard Rock band in ’94. Helped me through some tough times way back when.
  • Great White – Can’t Get There From Here (1999): An excellent album that I will review soon as well. This was a “comeback” album but they never really left the party. They toured this record with Poison, Ratt, and LA Guns on Poison’s reunion tour in ’99.
  • Great White – Once Bitten (1987): I wanted to go back and re-live high school with this one. Great memories.

Man cannot live on Great White alone so I had some more albums queued up:

  • Angra – Fireworks (1998): Great Power/Progressive Metal band from Brazil. This was their fourth proper album (they had the E.P.s mixed in between releases) and it is my favorite. It’s also the last with André Matos on vocals.
  • Angra – Aurora Consurgens (2006): The latest release by the band that I keep pushing aside for newer purchases.
  • Stryper – The Roxx Regime Demos (2007): Just picked this up this past Tuesday with the new Great White. It’s the songs the band demoed as Roxx Regime that got them their label contract.
  • Axe – Five (1997): Great AOR/Hard Rock and a major comeback.
  • Axe – The Crown (2000): Another solid blend of AOR and Melodic Hard Rock, well worth checking out.

Notice how I broke up all those ‘A’ bands with an ‘S’? I also had some greatest hits CDs going:

  • Ratt – Ratt’n’Roll ’81-’91 (1991)
  • Dokken – The Very Best Of Dokken (1999)
  • Twisted Sister – Big Hits & Nasty Cuts (1992)
  • Journey – Greatest Hits (1988)

It was a loud weekend!

CD Scavenger Hunt – “Back on the Attack” Edition

Well it’s been almost two months since I went out on a proper hunt, and even then it was only for the new Ozzy album. It’s been a long two months with many added expenses but it seems that things are clearing and spending a few dollars is OK.

Armed with a coupon for $2 off a used CD (limit 3), I made my way to Newbury Comics with… list! Finally, I take the list…..but will I buy anything on it?

Stryper – The Roxx Regime Demos (2007) – $9.99: I saw this CD advertised in last week’s e-newsletter from Newbury Comics. The price was right but the timing wasn’t. I’m a sucker for Stryper so I grabbed this when I saw this was $9.99 REGULAR PRICE! It will be interesting to hear how Stryper was, before they got signed, as Roxx Regime.

Great White – Back To The Rhythm (2007) – $11.88: This is Great White’s first release since 1999’s CAN’T GET THERE FROM HERE. Has it really been almost a decade? I’ve had a hard time listening to Great White music since the Station Nightclub Fire tragedy in 2003 (I wasn’t there but I was supposed to go). With the exception of Jack Russell’s solo album, I haven’t really listened and I am/was a big Great White fan. This album has that “train wreck” factor: You don’t want to look at the train wreck but you do anyway. I had to hear what this band had musically after a tragedy that changed so many lives. Curiosity got the better of me and so did the price. What I found interesting was that there were at least ten copies at the shop, I’d like to see how many they actually sell aside from mine. I was also interested to see if the band mentioned anything to do with the fire in the liner notes. They did the classy thing and dedicated the record to all those who passed on or were injured that night. Hopefully, some of the proceeds goes to the proper charities.

Brazen Abbot – Bad Religion (1997) – $8 used + $2 off coupon = $6: Nikolo Kotzev has been making major noise with his melodic rock project for years and I finally got around to picking up one of the CDs. The local shop is clearing out the racks in order to have space for the holiday season, this CD should have been listed as “opened”, not “used”. Basically, the staff peeled the wrapper off and marked it down half price, this had been the only Brazen Abbot album in the store for a couple of years. I’ll take it for $6 and listen to Joe Lynn Turner, Goran Edman, and Thomas Vikstrom sing over good music.

Brainstorm – Liquid Monster (2005) – $8 used + $2 off coupon = $6: Been a fan of Brainstorm since 2000’s AMBIGUITY but I never got around to getting this CD. It made many lists as one of the top releases of 2005 so I’m really psyched about finally getting this…!

Danger Danger – Cockroach (2001) – $12 used + $2 off coupon = $10: This is a hard to find 2 CD set released by the band themselves with help from Sony. Long story short: This is the band’s unreleased third album in 1993 with Ted Poley on vocals. Due to Poley’s firing and subsequent legal battle with the band and label, it got shelved. The vocals were re-done with new singer Paul Laine in 1994 but it was still shelved. Poley and the band worked out their differences, Laine left the band, and the fans get both versions on 2 CDs. This is a major find because the band sells this on their website for $27 + shipping! I like Danger Danger so this was a must have.

Total – $45

  • Favorite pickup: Danger Danger – Cockroach
  • Best Value: Danger Danger – Cockroach (saved about $20 buying used instead of from the band’s website)

My first trip out in almost two months and it is a major success. I crossed four albums off my long list and the prospects for next week are very good.

Ebay Madness – Laurence Archer, Excruciate, Guns N’ Roses, Tesla, & Ratt

We’ve got a couple of repeat offenders in this edition of Ebay Madness that just keep going for big money on Ebay. Let’s start this installment with one of my favorite collectibles:

Laurence Archer – LA (1986) ends at $402!

Laurence Archer - LA (1986)

The final price is well under previous highs of $590, $777, and $1376.34 but it is still an expensive CD. I noticed that one of the major players on the collector’s circuit won but a look at the “Bidders List” shows something is not quite right. On the last day, a new Ebay member bid ten times to move the price up to $300. Could it be a shill bidder? Maybe the seller? It’s not an uncommon practice. The warning signs for me were the lack of specific information and the use of a stock photo rather than an actual picture of the item. Despite that I did put in a high bid of $50, I am Bidder 5.

Excruciate – Passage Of Life (1993) commands $167.50!

Excruciate - Passage Of Life (1993)

This slice of Death/Thrash just went for $300.01 a week before so demand is high. I realize that this was a limited pressing on an independent label but there has to be a cheaper alternative

Guns n’ Roses – Live! Like A Suicide E.P. (1986) VINYL ends at $121.08.

GNR E.P. (1986) front cover

GNR E.P. (1986) back cover

Very rare vinyl E.P. and STILL SEALED! Two pictures in this auction, front and back covers.

Four hours later, another VINYL copy goes higher at $127.50!

GNR E.P. (1986) pic 2

Obviously opened but the record itself is in Mint (M) condition, the cover is Near Mint (NM). What I like about this auction is that there were more pictures (four) to assess the quality.

GNR E.P. pic 4

GNR E.P. pic 5

GNR E.P. pic 6

We’ve seen the rarities go for big money but what about some more common CDs? Or at least more available CDs?

Tesla – Real To Reel Vol. 2 (2007) gets 34 bids and ends at $120!

Tesla - Real To Reel Vol.2 (2007)

This is actually a big picture so click the thumbnail for a more detailed look. I understand that you can only get this CD by purchasing a ticket to an upcoming Tesla concert but the going rate on this auction is ridiculous! For this price, you could buy at least two tickets for the band live and get two CDs. This CD has been a high priced item since the tour started but now the market is flooded and you can find sets of both volumes for less than half the price of this auction. What bothers me about this auction is that the seller is using a larger version from another auction that ended five hours earlier for $175. Same seller, different ID? Or coincidence? I’ll bet that Tesla releases this to the public eventually and/or there will be copies to snatch up around $20.

Ratt – Dancing Undercover (1986) Japanese pressing is a final at $103.60!

Ratt - Dancing Undercover (1986) Japanese pressing

Bridesofdestruction is a reputable seller from Japan and really knows the collector’s market on Japanese pressings. He/she always has successful auctions. It’s a fact that Japanese pressings are sonically superior but is the average fan really going to notice? Audiophiles with good stereo equipment will notice the difference but what about the average Joe with a shelf system from Circuit City? I can go out right now and pick up two or three copies used of the U.S. release for about six bucks each. Some collector’s will only buy Japanese pressings, and first pressings only. More dollars than sense, IMO.

Shuffle Mode – “The Metal Blade Edition” – 7/10/07

Tale Of The Tape:
Dell DJ 30 (1st gen)
3255 songs (275 full albums) 

I’ve been enjoying the Metal Blade Records 20th Anniversary Box Set for the last week or so. It’s an excellent box set:

  • 9 CDs
  • 141 songs
  • 10 hours & 30 minutes long
  • CD #10 is a bonus DVD of 23 videos
  • full color historical booklet

So I dropped this in the Dell DJ so I could take it in the car and to the beach on vacation. It’s already in “shuffle mode” because of so many different bands and songs featured but the set goes chronologically. I like a broader scope so it’s shuffle time! Here’s the first 15 songs (band-song-year):

  1. The Crown – ‘Crowned In Terror’ – 2002
  2. Bitch – ‘Be My Slave’ – 1983
  3. Riot – Sons Of Society – 1999
  4. Fates Warning – ‘Guardian’ – 1986
  5. Omen – ‘Holy Martyr’ – 1986
  6. Brainstorm – ‘Meet Me In The Dark’ – 2001
  7. Metallica – ‘Hit The Lights’ – 1982
  8. Lizzy Borden – ‘Give’em The Axe’ – 1984
  9. Vader – ‘Wings’ – 2000
  10. Engine – ‘Alone’ – 1999
  11. Witchkiller – ‘Day Of The Saxons’ – 1984
  12. Cannibal Corpse – ‘Hammer Smashed Face’ – 1992
  13. GWAR – ‘Slaughterama’ – 1990
  14. Manowar – ‘Warriors Of The World United’ – 2002
  15. Mercyful Fate – ‘The Bell Witch’ – 1993

Bonus Track: Slayer – ‘Chemical Warfare’ – 1984

Current Playlist

I was on vacation last week so I got to organize my collection. After close to nine months of storage boxes and mixed order, I was able to display my CDs and see what I have. I did some digging and listened to these all last week:

  • Mercyful Fate – Don’t Break The Oath (1984)
  • Fates Warning – The Spectre Within (1985)
  • King Diamond – Voodoo (1998)
  • Metallica – Kill’em All (1983)
  • Riot – Restless Breed (1982)
  • Iced Earth – Alive In Athens (1999)
  • Manowar – Fighting The World (1987)
  • Hammerfall – Glory To The Brave (1997)
  • Hammerfall – Legacy Of Kings (1998)
  • Danger Danger -s/t (1989)
  • The Metal Blade Records 20th Anniversary 10 CD box set (2002)

I know the Danger Danger album seems a little out of place but ‘Bang Bang’ was a big time song back in my high school days. I remember hanging in the same parking lot night after night listening to bands like Danger Danger, Tora Tora, Extreme, XYZ, Tesla, and Skid Row. Brings back good memories…..

My CD collection is organized! Sort of…..

I couldn’t take it anymore so I decided that I would sit down and organize my CD collection. It took a few hours to take everything out of the banana boxes from the move in October but I got it done.

Please check out the latest pictures of my collection at my Flickr! page.

When I file my CDs I follow the strictest of rules:

  1. KISS CDs come first. They are my favorite band so they have top billing. Then…..
  2. Alphabetical by artist/band
  3. Chronological by album within the artist/band
  4. Reissues/re-releases are filed by the year they were re-done, not the original release year

If you looked at the pictures, you saw 1950 CDs. These are all my regular CDs except for my KISS CDs which are still in a box by themselves. My box sets, soundtracks, compilations, and live bootlegs are all still in boxes as well.

When I total everything I do not include the bootlegs so I still guess-timate my collection at around 2500. That includes all the CDs pictured, the KISS CDs in a box, the soundtracks and compilations, the box sets and the pile on my desk that keeps growing.

I’m hoping that my wife and I will get this room painted on my vacation in August and then I can invest in more of the IKEA Benno shelves and hang them. I’m probably going to need about twenty more to get it all up on the walls.

Now serving over 100,000 readers!

Just a small milestone that I wanted to report:

Today this blog has officially gone over 100,000+ visitors.

Like I said, a small milestone but it is significant to me because I didn’t think I would last this long (just over a year and a half) doing this.

Thanks to all the new visitors and repeat offenders that come by and take a look.