KISSology Vol.2 bonus material


KISSology bonus disc picture

(Pictured is the actual printing proof for the front and back cover of one of the bonus discs)

Inside sources confirm that, like Vol. 1, there will, in fact, be three different limited edition “4th bonus discs” in the initial pressings of KISSOLOGY Vol. 2. Retailer details are not confirmed at this time. The shows to be featured are:

Capital Centre – Largo, MD – 7/7/79 (Dynasty Tour) [track listing forthcoming, though ALL 4 solo albums songs will be included]

Budokan Hall – Tokyo Japan – 4/21/88 (Crazy Nights Tour)

The Ritz – New York City – 8/13/88 (Crazy Nights Tour)

Everyone should feel confident that no matter where they go within the first week or two of release, they’ll get a 4 disc version. Excitement and value are big considerations for everyone involved in the KISSOLOGY series. For those interested in all three bonus discs, specific retailer details will be forthcoming.



As expected, there will be bonus material. Gene & Paul are good businessmen, they will probably have exclusives with Best Buy, Wal-Mart, and/or Target again. It makes them more money and sends diehards like me, who have to have everything, running from store to store at 10am August 14th! Lucky for me, each store is located on a half mile strip about 5 minutes from my house so I will have all 3 versions. Another excellent set by the band, I am especially looking forward to the Crazy Nights Tour footage because that is the first time I saw KISS (in Providence, RI). More info as it comes…..

—- Steve

4 comments on “KISSology Vol.2 bonus material

  1. I’ll get the set with the Dynasty extra for sure. I don’t care much for the non-makeup era. Only thing I would have like more is a full show out of the Creatures tour with Vinnie and Eric. First time I saw KISS was during that tour in Montreal, January 1983 if memory serves.

    At least will get some songs (8?) from that tour.

  2. Patrice – The era that I get fascinated by is the 1978-1982 era, solos to Creatures. I’m looking forward to it.

    Mike – Saw them in Providence, RI in ’87 on Crazy Nights…..I think I’m up to 15 times now!

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