Now serving over 100,000 readers!

Just a small milestone that I wanted to report:

Today this blog has officially gone over 100,000+ visitors.

Like I said, a small milestone but it is significant to me because I didn’t think I would last this long (just over a year and a half) doing this.

Thanks to all the new visitors and repeat offenders that come by and take a look.


6 comments on “Now serving over 100,000 readers!

  1. Thats realy great Steve. I am happy to be on your blog from the beginning(or nearly i think) and happy to know you and your family. HAIL.

  2. Mark – Same here bud! I visit your blog everyday, you have some interesting topics. Wish I could post everyday like you do.

    Rob – Another daily read my man! Keep that trivia coming!

    Mike – I read yours too, thanks for another good read.

    Rene – Hail Metal brother! Imagine the hours we could kill talking Metal, amazing isn’t it? Thanks for stopping by and participating.

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