My CD collection is organized! Sort of…..

I couldn’t take it anymore so I decided that I would sit down and organize my CD collection. It took a few hours to take everything out of the banana boxes from the move in October but I got it done.

Please check out the latest pictures of my collection at my Flickr! page.

When I file my CDs I follow the strictest of rules:

  1. KISS CDs come first. They are my favorite band so they have top billing. Then…..
  2. Alphabetical by artist/band
  3. Chronological by album within the artist/band
  4. Reissues/re-releases are filed by the year they were re-done, not the original release year

If you looked at the pictures, you saw 1950 CDs. These are all my regular CDs except for my KISS CDs which are still in a box by themselves. My box sets, soundtracks, compilations, and live bootlegs are all still in boxes as well.

When I total everything I do not include the bootlegs so I still guess-timate my collection at around 2500. That includes all the CDs pictured, the KISS CDs in a box, the soundtracks and compilations, the box sets and the pile on my desk that keeps growing.

I’m hoping that my wife and I will get this room painted on my vacation in August and then I can invest in more of the IKEA Benno shelves and hang them. I’m probably going to need about twenty more to get it all up on the walls.

9 comments on “My CD collection is organized! Sort of…..

  1. I had to start putting my jewel cases in storage tubs, and sleeving the CD’s in Case Logic Cases. Other wise my house would like the inside of a CD store.

    Our wives must think we are all nuts. But I haven’t slowed down on adding new music to the collection.

  2. REaly great to see you collection Steve all nice and ordered. It will for shore even look better when its on the wall but we will have to wait for that till August. Realy great. I have one room for my collection. I think i am lucky but if ones i get a baby i will be in problems thats why i think i prefere not to have a babbie. We will see. HAIL TO YOU….

  3. Wow… it’s nice to see that someone else besides me owns that many CDs! Actually, I have no idea how many I have anymore. I last counted them in 1990 and had about 1200. I am guessing that I probably have somewhere in the neighborhood of 2000-2500 in my collection now. I need to buy some more CD storage and then sit down and reorganize the things. I have a rack that holds 800 that are alphabetized but the rest are in random piles and storage cases so it’s a real chore trying to find anything.

  4. Mark – I am too OCD to not count them. Actually, I’m guessing by using my last serious count and adding what I’ve bought. I use the Collectorz software so I should have a proper list (and count) by the end of the year!

    Rob – I have no vices except music. I don’t drink, smoke, gamble, or drug. My release is Hard Rock and Metal collecting. My wife is very supportive as long as we have enough to buy food, pay the mortgage, and provide for the kids.

    Try Jewelsleeves they look like a good alternative. I got the free sample and it is a space saver but I like to display my collection. I also like to read the spines. More OCD!

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  7. I got A Huge Heavy Meta Cd Collection from 1980-Present from all kind of metal. I dont know how many cds i got There in boxes cuz i moving and i count them when i put them all on my cds racks Ant my new place. Metal Rules.

    80’s Hair Metal, Thrash Metal, Punk Metal, Death Metal, Goth Metal, Black Metal, Doom Metal, Progressive Metal. Power Metal, Folk Metal, Viking Metal. Symphonic Metal, Grindcore Metal, Metalcore Metal, Christian Metal, Metal Rap, Alternative Metal, Stoner Rock, Glam Rock, Alternative Rock, Grunge Rock, Progressive Rock And Hard Rock

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