Current Playlist

I was on vacation last week so I got to organize my collection. After close to nine months of storage boxes and mixed order, I was able to display my CDs and see what I have. I did some digging and listened to these all last week:

  • Mercyful Fate – Don’t Break The Oath (1984)
  • Fates Warning – The Spectre Within (1985)
  • King Diamond – Voodoo (1998)
  • Metallica – Kill’em All (1983)
  • Riot – Restless Breed (1982)
  • Iced Earth – Alive In Athens (1999)
  • Manowar – Fighting The World (1987)
  • Hammerfall – Glory To The Brave (1997)
  • Hammerfall – Legacy Of Kings (1998)
  • Danger Danger -s/t (1989)
  • The Metal Blade Records 20th Anniversary 10 CD box set (2002)

I know the Danger Danger album seems a little out of place but ‘Bang Bang’ was a big time song back in my high school days. I remember hanging in the same parking lot night after night listening to bands like Danger Danger, Tora Tora, Extreme, XYZ, Tesla, and Skid Row. Brings back good memories…..

7 comments on “Current Playlist

  1. I never could get into to Hammerfall. I thought they were like a crosse between Manowar and early Helloween, but not as good as either one of those bands. I used to love the Spectre Within back around 85-86, but have not heard it in years. I think my cassette version got eaten like twenty years ago.

  2. I never bought the Danger Danger album, but my friend had it back in high school. We used to crank it whiole driving around in his ’79 Firebird.

  3. I liked the first Hammerfall “Glory … ” but I’ve only been picking the odd one these days. I actually sold my copy of “Legacy Of Kings”. Just wasn’t getting into it.

  4. Do you have the new JOE LYNN TURNER cd Steve??? SECOND HAND LIFE. I realy like it. Its melodic and cool hard-AOR with great melodies and great songs. It takes you back to when NIGHT RANGER, TRIUMPH, Y&T, SURVIVOR, JOURNEY, APRIL WINE were the leaders of hard rock.

  5. Mark – Hammerfall is an acquired taste, as is all new Power Metal. They are good at what they do, their first two albums are the best.

    Mike – Reminds me of high school days too. Crank it up!

    DPTH – Wow! Sold your Legacy Of Kings! That’s my favorite Hammerfall record. Like I said to Mark, newer Power Metal is an acquired taste.

    Rene – I wasn’t high on Renegade but Hammerfall is a great band.

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