CD Scavenger Hunt – “Back on the Attack” Edition

Well it’s been almost two months since I went out on a proper hunt, and even then it was only for the new Ozzy album. It’s been a long two months with many added expenses but it seems that things are clearing and spending a few dollars is OK.

Armed with a coupon for $2 off a used CD (limit 3), I made my way to Newbury Comics with… list! Finally, I take the list…..but will I buy anything on it?

Stryper – The Roxx Regime Demos (2007) – $9.99: I saw this CD advertised in last week’s e-newsletter from Newbury Comics. The price was right but the timing wasn’t. I’m a sucker for Stryper so I grabbed this when I saw this was $9.99 REGULAR PRICE! It will be interesting to hear how Stryper was, before they got signed, as Roxx Regime.

Great White – Back To The Rhythm (2007) – $11.88: This is Great White’s first release since 1999’s CAN’T GET THERE FROM HERE. Has it really been almost a decade? I’ve had a hard time listening to Great White music since the Station Nightclub Fire tragedy in 2003 (I wasn’t there but I was supposed to go). With the exception of Jack Russell’s solo album, I haven’t really listened and I am/was a big Great White fan. This album has that “train wreck” factor: You don’t want to look at the train wreck but you do anyway. I had to hear what this band had musically after a tragedy that changed so many lives. Curiosity got the better of me and so did the price. What I found interesting was that there were at least ten copies at the shop, I’d like to see how many they actually sell aside from mine. I was also interested to see if the band mentioned anything to do with the fire in the liner notes. They did the classy thing and dedicated the record to all those who passed on or were injured that night. Hopefully, some of the proceeds goes to the proper charities.

Brazen Abbot – Bad Religion (1997) – $8 used + $2 off coupon = $6: Nikolo Kotzev has been making major noise with his melodic rock project for years and I finally got around to picking up one of the CDs. The local shop is clearing out the racks in order to have space for the holiday season, this CD should have been listed as “opened”, not “used”. Basically, the staff peeled the wrapper off and marked it down half price, this had been the only Brazen Abbot album in the store for a couple of years. I’ll take it for $6 and listen to Joe Lynn Turner, Goran Edman, and Thomas Vikstrom sing over good music.

Brainstorm – Liquid Monster (2005) – $8 used + $2 off coupon = $6: Been a fan of Brainstorm since 2000’s AMBIGUITY but I never got around to getting this CD. It made many lists as one of the top releases of 2005 so I’m really psyched about finally getting this…!

Danger Danger – Cockroach (2001) – $12 used + $2 off coupon = $10: This is a hard to find 2 CD set released by the band themselves with help from Sony. Long story short: This is the band’s unreleased third album in 1993 with Ted Poley on vocals. Due to Poley’s firing and subsequent legal battle with the band and label, it got shelved. The vocals were re-done with new singer Paul Laine in 1994 but it was still shelved. Poley and the band worked out their differences, Laine left the band, and the fans get both versions on 2 CDs. This is a major find because the band sells this on their website for $27 + shipping! I like Danger Danger so this was a must have.

Total – $45

  • Favorite pickup: Danger Danger – Cockroach
  • Best Value: Danger Danger – Cockroach (saved about $20 buying used instead of from the band’s website)

My first trip out in almost two months and it is a major success. I crossed four albums off my long list and the prospects for next week are very good.

7 comments on “CD Scavenger Hunt – “Back on the Attack” Edition

  1. You will have to let us know about the Stryper/Roxx Regime disc. I am not a big fan, but their first two albums were heavier here and there than the later albums that caught on.

  2. I thought Brainstorm’s “Soul Temptation” album was excellent yet havn’t checked out any other releases of theirs yet.

    I’ve read good things on The Classic Rock Newswire about the new Great White album. I shall be getting that one for sure. One of the mid/late 80’s US bands that really interested me.

  3. Great great great Hunt Steve. I realy missed it. Anyway, you bought some great stuff. I will buy the new GREAT WHITE and the demo from ROXX REGIME. I am a big STRYPER fan too.
    Steve, this have been a great read for me and keep them coming.
    hail to you forever!!!!

  4. I think with prices like that people that download the albums for free should be shot. Nowadays you can find new releases all around the world for good prices and if not you can always wait a little and buy them two or three euros cheaper. People that ALWAYS download and never buy a cd are not realy music/metal lovers. The dont care about paying 150 euros for a phone but they bitch about a cd of 14 euros. FUCK THEM.
    Hail steve.

  5. Mark – I will have a review of the Stryper by the end of the week…..hopefully.

    Bill – I will have a review on the new Great white by the end of the week with the Stryper.

    Rene – I hope to continue the hunt…..if I have the money! Peter Criss’ new record comes out Tuesday.

    Rob – Reviews are coming.

    David – I try and buy on sale, used, or with coupons…..its the only way to save money and feed the habit.

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