CD Scavenger Hunt – “Peter Criss Edition” – 7/24/07

I was outside the local Best Buy at 9:30am waiting for the doors to open so I could buy….. 

Peter Criss – One For All (2007) – $13: Today was the big day, Peter Criss released his first solo album since 1982, titled ONE FOR ALL. For a KISS diehard like myself, any original material from any KISS member or alumni is very important! Peter struck a deal with Best Buy to have a signed limited edition of the CD in stock marked with a gold sticker. And it is! Not a fake print but an actual Sharpie penned autograph by the Catman himself!

I went to the local record shop down the block to check on the Peter Criss CDs, I wanted to see if theirs were the autographed limited edition. Never found out because they sold their only copy when the doors opened. At least Best Buy had 10 copies displayed.

Total – $13

6 comments on “CD Scavenger Hunt – “Peter Criss Edition” – 7/24/07

  1. A buddy of mine who owns everything Peter Criss related, called me right away about this when he got it, so I’ll keep an open mind since he’s going to let me hear it. Too bad Balls of Fire never really got going!

  2. Rene & Rob – A review is coming soon.

    DPTH – It’s been a long procees for Peter to put this record out. It’s interesting.

    Mark – I can’t say I blame you. It’s been widely publicized that this record is not a Rock record. Also, Peter’s track record isn’t very heavy when it comes to his solo work.

    Ray – As long as you know its not a Rock record then it’s worth a listen. Balls Of Fire! I have a picture of Peter in that band from an old Rock Faces magazine!

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