Weekend playlist

Nothing beats another weekend off from work! Especially when another week’s vacation starts in four days! I got to listen to some great albums, and some disasters, over the last couple of days, here’s the list:

  • Great White – Back to The Rhythm (2007): I’m still enjoying this new album, a review is coming this week.
  • Stryper – The Roxx Regime Demos 1983 (2007): I haven’t given this proper time in the stereo. I’m also comparing it to their debut, THE YELLOW AND BLACK ATTACK (1984). Review is coming.
  • Stryper – The Yellow And Black Attack (1984): Refreshing my memory and comparing to the Roxx Regime Demos.
  • Peter Criss – One For All (2007): Giving this one last listen before it’s filed away. (The review is posted just before this one.)
  • Gene Simmons – Asshole (2004): I listened to this a couple of times when it first came out and I haven’t revisited it yet. I’ve been listening to Peter’s new record, and Paul’s latest still gets regular spins, so I decided now was the time to give Asshole another try. I’ll review this soon.
  • Van Halen – VH III (1998): After reading a post at Bring Back Glam debating this record/lineup, I decided to pull this one out. It wasn’t Gary Cherone’s fault, it was Eddie’s.
  • Rough Cutt – s/t (1985): Thanks to the insane trivia at the Hard Rock Hideout, Rob’s got me busting out some Rough Cutt! Seriously, when has anyone given serious thought to Rough Cutt lately?

6 comments on “Weekend playlist

  1. Yes, I have listened to Rough Cutt in recent months. I was excited when Wounded Bird released the debut and Wants you on a two on one cd in 2005. I also still have the debut on vinyl. I think the vocals are better than the music, but it’s still decent.

  2. For me, they are one of those forgotten bands. I have the s/t and Wants You but after that, nothing. You never read/hear anyone discussing Rough Cutt and they were a big deal when they debuted. I’ll have to review it soon.

  3. You have been listening to some cool cd´s Steve. I like ROUGH CUTT too but didnt listen to their records(that i have on vinyl) for years.
    Right now i am playing the new 3 INCHE OF BLOOD album for the first time. I bought it already some weeks ago but now its the time to listen to it lol.
    Before i played one of my fave Thrash/early death metal album ever, IMMORTAL FORCE(1987) by MUTILATOR. I dont know if you know them but if you like POSSESSED, MANTAS/DEATH, old MASSACRE(USA), old SEPULTURA….you should check them out.
    I also played today:
    DORO:WARRIOR SOUL (one of my fave DORO releases).
    TAROT:THE SPELL OF IRON(great heavy metal from Finland)
    OMEN:BRUTALIS TANGO(Hungarian heavy metal)
    Take careeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  4. Jay – I have to agree, Gene’s album bites. It’s like he tried too hard to be different…..again.

    Rene – From what I’ve heard from 3 Inches Of Blood, they are very good. They are one of the bands I am going to check out soon.

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