Ebay Madness – Klaatu, Magnus, Graham Bonnet, Misslead, Tigertailz, & Noize Toys

Klaatu – Strange (1991) sells for $543!

Klaatu - Strange (199) for $543
All I know about Klaatu is that they are from Poland and they play a blend of AOR/Hard Rock. This seller is a highly regarded collector, everything he buys and sells is of top quality and are original CDs only. This CD was pressed in small quantities on a Polish label making it very rare…..but $543 is steep! This auction started at $5 and got 15 bids.

Magnus – I Was Watching My Death (1992) ends at $255!

Magnus - I Was Watching My Death (1991) auction ends at $255
Let’s stay in Poland and go harder with some Death metal. This is Magnus’ second album and it was also pressed in small quanitites (500 copies) making it a rare find. It’s a popular one because it got 16 bids and only started at a meager $9.99.

Graham Bonnet – The Rock Singer’s Anthology (1990) gets $203.51!

Graham Bonnet - Anthology (1990) for $203.51
I own this! I own this! Sorry for the excitement but I am very surprised that this sells for $200+ at auction. I bought my CD for $20 back in 1999 when Graham released THE DAY I WENT MAD (1999) and the local shop started stocking all Graham’s solo albums in the “Japanese Import” section. This isn’t a Japanese import, this is a regular CD made in Europe on the Vertigo label from 1990. This is a decent CD for Bonnet collectors as it touches his work from The Marbles, to his solo career, and on to Rainbow. This auction started at $1. One freaking dollar! 25 bids on this one from some people with serious feedback so it must be rare now. I saw a copy about six months ago in a store about 30 minutes from my house, maybe I’ll stop by this weekend and see if it’s still there…..

Misslead – Gentle Persuasion (1989) ends with BUY IT NOW for $150!

Misslead - Gentle Persuasion (1989) auction for $150
I’ve seen this CD go for over $300 a few times over the years so $150 is a bargain for collectors. Not surprised that this ended right away with BUY IT NOW. I’ve never heard Misslead but I’ve read they play a blend of Hard Rock/AOR that many top collectors rave about.

Tigertailz – Young And Crazy (1987) ends at $122.50!

Tigertailz - Young & Crazy (1987) for $122.50
This is the Japanese version on Music For Nations with the different artwork. That’s got to be why this CD was so expensive. The Combat Records version with the band picture cover art usually runs between $25 and $50 on CD, Between $5 and $25 on vinyl.

Noize Toys – Fallin’ In Lust…..Again (1989) ends at $115.10!

Noize Toys - Fallin’ In Lust…Again (1989) for $115.10
Another band that I’ve never heard but I know gets big dollars from collectors. From what I’ve read this is pure Sleaze Glam and was only released in Japan, obviously rare in the U.S. The dealer is one of the better sellers from Japan so this is a quality product. 13 bids and it started at $2.

Magnus – Scarlet Slaughterer (1992) sells for $113.50!

Magnus - Scarlet Slaughterer for $113.50
Same seller as the Magnus CD above. Same story as the other Magnus disc…..it’s hard to find. A little research shows that this is a compilation of Magnus’ demo tapes and that is was rereleased in 1996 with six bonus songs on Reaper Metal Records. The auction doesn’t state if this is the rerelease from ’96 but the research I did showed the original 1992 version as a demo cassette. Started at $9.99 again and got 11 bids.

4 comments on “Ebay Madness – Klaatu, Magnus, Graham Bonnet, Misslead, Tigertailz, & Noize Toys

  1. I acctually own that Misslead-album on vinyl. + I have a 7″ promo too! :)

    Maybe I’ll finally get rich if I sell it on eBay?

  2. wow, great blog feature! me, i own both noize toys versions, there was a US release on Dr. Dream, then a Japanese import with different graphics and lyrics in japanese. i got the us version for $45 a handful of years back, and the import for $88 a few years ago… now i feel like i really made a great deal. as for the music, it’s your typical hollywood sleaze glam, with better songwriting that most of that era… the album only suffers from sub-par production. if the band was on a major i’m sure the result would’ve been a much better quality mix. all in all a worthy debut effort, and from what i see here… worthy investment also.

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