Def Leppard, Styx, & Foreigner in concert at Tweeter Center (Mansfield, MA) – 8/11/07

I went to the Def Leppard/Styx/Foreigner show last night at the Tweeter Center in Mansfield, MA. I was flying solo again because all of my friends have “retired” from the concert scene, they only go to the “important” shows (KISS, Ozzy, Maiden, Priest, etc). Their loss is my gain because it’s always easier to get a good seat when you are only buying one. I had 10th row for the show so I was really looking forward to it.

The Tweeter Center is an outdoor arena with 10,000 seats under the roof, a seated lawn, and a grass lawn. Capacity is around 18,000-20,000 so it’s a decent size. It’s a good place to see a concert and I have seen many over the years. It’s also about 15 minutes from home so that helps. Usually when there are three bands on the bill, the seated area under the roof is sparse for the opener. It was packed for Foreigner…..

Foreigner setlist (45mins):

  1. Double Vision
  2. Head Games
  3. Cold As Ice
  4. Dirty White Boy
  5. Feels Like The First Time
  6. Urgent
  7. Jukebox Hero/Whole Lotta Love
  8. Hot Blooded

Let me tell you, Mick Jones looks OLD! I was on his side of the stage and he just looked his age, he can still play though! Jason Bonham was behind the drum kit and Jeff Pilson (ex-Dokken) was on bass. Obviously a tight rhythm section. The highlight of the performance was lead singer Kelly Hansen (ex-Hurricane). Kelly performed each song extremely well and sounded very close to the great Lou Gramm at times. The band played to a packed house and didn’t disappoint. Best song of the set: ‘Dirty White Boy’…..but they were really great live so all the songs were tops, I’d see them if they came headlining.

Styx setlist (45 mins):

  1. Blue Collar Man
  2. Grand Illusion
  3. Too Much Time On My Hands
  4. Fooling Yourself
  5. Miss America
  6. Come Sail Away
  7. Renegade

Styx only got 45 mins and I was a little disappointed, I was hoping they would play at least an hour. With Foreigner on promptly at 7:00pm and a 25 minute set change between bands, Styx got the short end of the stick. What they lacked in time, they made up in performance. Lawrence Gowan (vocals/keyboards) really shined on ‘Grand Illusion’ and ‘Come Sail Away’ and sounds very much like former singer Dennis DeYoung. James Young got on the mic for ‘Miss America’ and the rest were for Tommy Shaw, who has become a driving force in the post-DeYoung era. Best song of the set: ‘Fooling Yourself’…..but, like Foreigner, all the songs were great live. Aside from the time constraints, the only problem I had with the performance was Gowan’s antics. He dances, he prances, he turns the keyboard around and plays with his back to the crowd, he seemed down right silly at times on stage. But he had energy and that may be what a classic band like Styx needed when he joined in 1999.

(30 minute set change for Def Leppard)

Def Leppard setlist (90 mins):

  1. Rocket
  2. Animal
  3. Excitable
  4. Foolin’
  5. Mirror, Mirror (Look Into My Eyes)
  6. Another Hit And Run
  7. Love Bites
  8. Rock On

(acoustic set)

  1. More Than A Feelling/Teen Spirit (quick intros of both)
  2. Two Steps Behind
  3. Bringin’ On The Heartbreak

(back to electric to finish ‘Bringin’ On The Heartbreak’)

  1. Switch 625 
  2. Hysteria
  3. Armageddon It
  4. Photograph
  5. Pour Some Sugar On Me
  6. Rock Of Ages

Sixteen songs in 90 mins, not a bad setlist. Anytime you can get two songs from HIGH ‘N’ DRY (1981) and ‘Mirror, Mirror’ was a total surprise. Now imagine my plight: I’m alone surrounded by screaming women of all ages. There is one guy next to me and he is obviously only there for his girlfriend. The first four songs roll by, every woman in the place is going bananas and then Def Lep does two songs that weren’t MTV anthems. I’m going nuts, singing word for word, and all these ladies are asking “Is this a new song?”…..I love “diehard” fans! Nothing would please me more if the band came back next year and played non-hits from the first three albums or play EUPHORIA (1999) or X (2002) in their entirety.

The band played well but Joe Elliot’s voice isn’t what it used to be. At times he struggled but he did get better as the night wore on. If they had gone two hours, he would have sounded great. I also noticed that Joe’s gotten a bit larger over the years…..haven’t we all? Seriously, I think the Leps get a bad rap for their commercial side but they really played well, with a ton of energy, and they sounded great. My only complaint was that they didn’t do the same encore as last year. Actually, there was no encore this year, they quickly ran off, changed guitars and played ‘Rock Of Ages’. If they stayed true to their M.O., they should have played ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’ to end the show…..and I could have gotten a head start to the car! Nothing is worse than ‘Sugar’, especially with every woman, casual fan, and non-fan singing the words. If I had to hear another woman say she wanted <insert band member here> to pour sugar on her, I would have killed! Best song of the set: ‘Mirror, Mirror’ & ‘Another Hit And Run’.

Bottom Line:
Great seat + good bands + good music = excellent concert

22 comments on “Def Leppard, Styx, & Foreigner in concert at Tweeter Center (Mansfield, MA) – 8/11/07

  1. Great that DEF LEPPARD played those rare songs. and nice that those die hard fans thought they were new songs lol. My fave album by the band is HIGH´N´DRY, much better then PYROMANIA and HYSTERIA, a album i never realy liked(of course some songs yes).
    About FOREIGNER, i can see they played many songs of my fave album by the band, 4. Strange they didnt play songs from INSIDE INFORMATION and AGENT PROVOCATEUR. I realy like those albums too.
    About STYX, never been a fan.
    Great great you had a good time brother.
    I went with my girlfriend to a festival in the south of Spain. LEYENDAS DEL ROCK with many spanish bands. Also bands that split up 20 years ago, now came together to play this festival. Around 10.000 metalheads from Spain, South America and many germans too. HAIL CONCERTS AND HAIL YOU!!!!

  2. I just saw this show last night at the PNC arts center in NJ-couldn’t agree more with your review-all 3 bands were great. also liked the HIgh & Dry songs best. except Joe Elliot’s voice seemed to get worse as the show went on-must be too much partying in his younger years catching up to him. I thought the same thing about Gowan’s antics, and also thought Pilson in Foreigner looked silly shaking his long hair around like he was still in Dokken. But definitely a good time.

  3. Rob – For good seats, it was close to $90 but the quality of the music made it worth it. Also helped that I was up close. Unfortunately, $100 seems like the norm for concerts now but I would rather pay that money for a good package (like this one) than for one band with a bad opener (Aerosmith charging $125).

    Rene – Nothing is better when you meet a band’s “biggest fan” and they know nothing of the history of the band. This happens to me all the time but I don’t mind setting them straight. Anytime Def Leppard plays songs from the first two albums, that’s a major treat.

    Mike D – Glad I’m not the only one that’s noticed Joe’s voice. As singers get older, their voice will change (Dio is lower live) but Joe sounds like he’s straining out there. At my show, he got better as it went but it’s obvious he’s not the same as even 10 years ago.

    Cam – Enjoy the show!

  4. I enjoyed your review of the show. I enjoyed Foreigner, I had only seen them once before and this time was much better. I’ve seen Styx and Def Leppard several times and I still enjoyed Def Leppard but I was disappointed in Styx. Was it just me or did they screw up on Renegade? Tommy Shaw has a great voice but I thought I heard a mistake and maybe he wasn’t really singing that song. Did anyone else catch that? (show at the Tweeter Center).

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  7. Thanks for the “heads up”! I will see this concert Saturday night in Dallas. Looking so foward to it! I got a great deal on my tickets….second market for 50% of face value. My two $125 ea. tickets cost me total of $127 including shipping.

    I’ve seen all three bands before and was never disappointed.

  8. Donny G. Looks like you’ve never been to one of their shows. They are alive and very well…..They proved it to thousands of cheering-on-their-feet fans in Texas Saturday night. There wasn’t a person in the house who was sitting. They sang a couple of songs only the die hard fans knew…that came from High N Dry…I was wanting a little High N Dry…”Saturday night high n dryyyy”. They did do my very fave “Bringin on the Heartbreak” But it was a little ruined by the girl standing behind me singing in my ears!! She had way too much to drink and was getting her “Heartbreaakkkkkks & Heartttaaaccchhhheeesss mixed up! lol

    As for the other 2 bands. Styx & Foreigner…Foreigner Rocked! Ole Mick still can handle that guitar (he had some amp problems on the first couple of songs.) Lead singer Kelly Hansen did sound a lot like Lou Gramm.
    Styx…I was a little disappointed by the corniness of Lawrence Gowan and his twirling keyboard. But they were alright over all. Tommy and James put on one heck of a show.

  9. I too am looking foward to seeing “My Boys” again this Friday night, in Marysville, CA. I was curious to hear which of the 2 other bands (Styx & Foreigner) would be performing first. I’ve never seen either of them, but your review sounds good and I’m looking foward to their performance. Thanks very much for the info. And to Mr. RIP (Donny G) – It’s Better To Burn Out, Than Fade Away! Def Leppard and their music will never burn out!

  10. The review was dead on. Joe’s voice is starting to fade away, but DL is still my favorite band to see live. I wasn’t that crazy about Styx, but their portion of the show was still pretty good. And Foreigner sounded great and stole the show in my opinion. I saw the lineup at the MN state fair on Labor Day. I also saw Styx, REO and DL in Columbus, OH in early July, and Foreiger was a much better band than REO.

    Not a bad summer for a DL fan from North Dakota, who missed their only show in this state. I did see them here last Oct with Journey though, and that was a good show as well. I would love to see a DL concert with lots of H&D, slang, Euphoria and X songs. Throw in a little Die Hard the Hunter and White Lightning, and it would be a dream come true. Maybe we should start lobbying their official web site?

  11. Debi….That is a quote to live by!

    It’s better to burn out than fade awayyyyyy! Think I’ll have it engraved on my tombstone, or perhaps a new tattoo?! Def Leppard ROCKS! ;)

    One thing that bothers me when I read DL reviews. They seem to always say something about Joe’s weight. I was pretty close the other day, and he looked pretty damn good to me. He kept his shirt on the whole time, unlike Viv and Phil. (Drool)

    This was my 3rd time seeing them in the last two years. Saw ’em twice with my all time favorite Journey last year. I have to admit…Even though I am a HUGE Journey fan, Def Leppard left them in th dust. A Hell of a show!! Looking foward to many years of Rockin with the Lep!

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