CD Scavenger Hunt – “KISSology 2 DVD” Edition – 8/14/07

Nothing is better than dragging the kids out at 9am to go to Target, Wal-Mart, and Best Buy. That’s what it takes nowadays if you’re a diehard KISS fan and you want all that bonus material. Why? Because Gene & Paul have brainwashed us into thinking that we want it all. So, like the diehard I am, I had both my girls dressed and fed so we could enjoy what they call “KISS Day”.

About 5 minutes from home is a strip of shopping plazas and all the major retailers, and my usual record store, are all within a half mile of each other. Makes for easy shopping. Armed with $150 in birthday money (I turn 35 Thursday!) the first stop was Target:

KISSology 2 DVD (2007) – $22: Target is the first to open up on the strip and it’s also the farthest away, maybe an extra two blocks! The bonus disc available at Target was the one avaiable at the majority of retail outlets: Budokan Hall in Tokyo, Japan 4/21/88 Crazy Nights Tour. I could have gotten this version anywhere but the price was right and there was another purchase to be made…..

Madden 08 (2007, Playstation 2) – $50: I’m a big NFL Football junkie and a video game freak so this is a must buy every year. The fact that Madden is released the week of my birthday every year makes it a great gift from my girls. Actually, my oldest daughter who is 8, has only ever known giving me a Madden football game for my birthday. They brought me to the game, picked it out, and asked if I still wanted it because it was “KISS Day”. Maybe Gene & Paul aren’t the only ones brainwashing?

This KISS fan cannot live with only one bonus disc so the next stop was two blocks down and across the street to the most evil store in the United States…..Wal-Mart. I’m a Union worker and representative so shopping at Wal-Mart defies principles but I couldn’t wait until their exclusive bonus disc hit Ebay!

KISSology 2 DVD (2007) – $25: The highest price of all three visits but the exclusive bonus disc of the Dynasty Tour from Largo, MD in ’79 was a must. Somewhere I sensed Gene was smiling…..

Wait! There’s one more version of KISSology 2 to be had! One block down and across the street again to Best Buy where they don’t open until 10am. We park at 9:50 and get out to join the crowd of twenty people at the door. Everyone there was for the Madden game except one guy in a KISS t-shirt that saw mine and gave me the thumbs up! Comraderie at it’s finest!

KISSology 2 DVD (2007) – $22: Another store, another bonus disc. This time it’s another Crazy Nights Tour stop: The Ritz in New York 8/13/88. Played three days before my 16th birthday in ’88…..but I wasn’t there! I saw this tour in Providence on 12/12/87 for $16.50 w/Ted Nugent…..Crazy Nights era KISS is important to me, LOL! Highlight of this purchase was my 3 yr. old pushing through the door and running ahead yelling, “Where’s my Daddy’s KISS DVD?”. It was a proud moment. As I paid for my 3rd KISSology 2 in an hour, I sensed Gene & Paul laughing as dollar signs flew over their heads…..

The list was complete: all three versions of KISSology 2 and Madden o8 for Playstation 2…..but we are only two blocks away from the record store I shop at! Off to Newbury Comics to spend my last $30 of birthday loot!

Y&T – Live: One Hot Night CD/2 DVD set – $20: I usually get to the record store early to get the only copy of things like this but it’s 10:10am and someone might have bought it already, especially for a bargain twenty bucks. It had just come out of the delivery box when we walked in the store, it hadn’t even settled on the shelf before I had it at the register. With all the KISS and Madden I’ll expose myself to in the next 24 hours, Y&T will be a nice diversion.


  • 90 minutes round trip
  • 4 stores
  • 1 video game
  • 3 KISSology 2 sets
  • 1 Y&T set
  • $140

3 comments on “CD Scavenger Hunt – “KISSology 2 DVD” Edition – 8/14/07

  1. Steve, this have been till now one of my fave post of all your blog. I can read you were very happy with your girls shoping at those stores. Everything sounded like a big dream. Very very very nice Steve. Now have a great time watching those dvds and let us know how they are.
    For tomorrow, happy birthday brother!!!!

  2. Hi..Nice to meet you …sounds like my Tues exactly. 3 Kiss DVD’s (you’re welcome Gene) and Madden ’08. Wish I would have known about the Y+T combo, they’re one of my favorites too.

    Scott (KISS FAN)

  3. Rene – Shopping is always a blast. Sometimes I prefer to fly solo but the girls make it interesting.

    Scott – Great minds think alike! I play one video game (Madden football) and I had to have all the footage on the DVDs. People (my wife) think I’m crazy when it comes to KISS but I know that there’s more people like me out there. That Y&T CD/DVD just came out, I was lucky to get an email saying they had it in stock.

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