Stryper – The Roxx Regime Demos 1983 (2007)

Stryper - The Roxx Regime Demos 1983 (2007)

Stryper – The Roxx Regime Demos 1983 (2007, Fifty Three Five Records)

  1. From Wrong To Right
  2. My Love I’ll Always Show  (original Rock version)
  3. Loud N Clear
  4. You Know What To Do
  5. You Won’t Be Lonely
  6. Co’mon Rock
  7. Tank  (Robert Sweet drum solo)
  8. Honestly

Roxx Regime Demos promo

Band Lineup:
Michael Sweet – Vocals & Guitars
Robert Sweet – Drums
Oz Fox – Guitars
Timothy Gaines – Bass

Produced by:

Total Time – 28:44

Stryper official website

This is an easy review to write because this is basically an album of unreleased demos. Flashback to 1983 and the band is named Roxx Regime. In an attempt to get a record deal, the band puts together a demo tape and is subsequently signed to a deal with Enigma Records. Once the deal was ready to sign, the band changed their name to Stryper and the rest is history! This is supposedly the original demo with no overdubs and/or re-recordings. What you get on this disc is a band that is very polished and energetic for a new set of rockers. The quality of the recordings are raw and harder than their commercially released counterparts. It’s pretty good for a demo, very listenable.

Five of the first six songs (‘My Love I’ll Always Show’ being the exception), ended up on the original E.P., THE YELLOW AND BLACK ATTACK (1984). That E.P., along with ‘My Love I’ll Always Show’, and a new song called ‘Reason For The Season’, were re-released as a full album under the same name in 1986 on Hollywood Records after their second album, SOLDIERS UNDER COMMAND (1985) went gold in the U.S. 

This version of ‘Honestly’ pre-dates the 1986 version from TO HELL WITH THE DEVIL and it is of poor quality. It could just be the recording because this is damn close to the album version, including the harmonies. The drum solo by Robert Sweet, ‘Tank’, is a throwaway…..I never consider Robert Sweet when the conversation turns to great drummers and I’m not going to start now. Plus, it’s only 44 seconds long! So what’s the point?

Bottom Line:
If you want to hear the earliest Stryper recordings, then pick it up. If you want to hear the proper recordings, buy THE YELLOW AND BLACK ATTACK and TO HELL WITH THE DEVIL. For collectors and completists only…..and at a cheap price, mine was $9.99!

3 comments on “Stryper – The Roxx Regime Demos 1983 (2007)

  1. When ever i find this cheap i will buy it too. I have the original ep+when it was later released again and on this moment i dont have the need to have those songs again, even if they are a little different. I thought that the ROXX REGIME demo was going to be with unreleased songs. Anyway, ones i will buy it lol.

  2. i like it very much this band, and i always looking they last album but it’s hard to find. let us be your black and blue army, man. keep on rockin’

  3. Well I liked it, I thought the original 1984 yellow and black was the best, but this one goes off just as well.
    STRYPER rule
    fan since february 1987

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