WANTED: Torch – Electrikiss (1984)



Torch - Electrikiss (1984)

Torch – Electrikiss (1984, Banzai)

I saw this record way back in 1984 at Good Vibrations when I was twelve years old. I remember this was in the “New Release” rack and I thought the cover was so cool. I mean, who comes up with these album cover concepts anyway? Anytime a 12 year old kid sees a good looking woman on an album cover, they want it! I was no exception. Of course, now the cheese factor is obvious. I looked for a cassette copy but they only had vinyl and I didn’t own a turntable. The next trip to the store and it was gone, never to be seen until…..

In ’98, when I finally got a computer and Internet access, I found this album again. I was researching Torch and I found that Metal Blade Records had released the band’s first two albums [TORCH E.P. (1982) & TORCH (1983)] on CD but not ELECTRIKISS. I’ve been lucky to find these two CDs in used bins for under five dollars.

Fortunately, ELECTRIKISS is easily found on Ebay all the time. I started collecting hard to find vinyl recently but I always pass by this album, maybe because it’s always available online. As of this post, there are at least five vinyl copies to be had under $20. I haven’t picked this up yet because I still don’t have a turntable.


9 comments on “WANTED: Torch – Electrikiss (1984)

  1. I have this one of vinly Steve but didnt listen to it in years. I will play it soon (maybe after the cd i am playing now, the fantastic RHEINGOLD by GRAVE DIGGER).

  2. Yes i played it after listening to that GRAVE DIGGER album and its better then i remember. Solid tipical euro heavy metal from the mid 80s. I liked it Steve and its heavier then their first couple releases(the sounded more NWOBHM, like OVERDRIVE and AXEWITCH for exemple) but ELECTRIKISS sound more like bands from the second wave of british heavy metal(1983-1985) like TOKYO BLADE, second and thirth album by CHATEAUX, SHOGUN, etc…

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